Champions League: predictions, bets and odds of the bookmakers


The next draw of the Champions League 2021-2022 will start very soon. Most of the bookmakers have already given odds on the main long-term market - the winner of the tournament. Today we will consider their quotes, make predictions for the Champions League 2021-2022, and try to find value rates. As always, the bonus is waiting for you at the very end of the material.

Champions League Odds Review 2021-2022

We are not able to survey all the variety of odds in all the offices of the world, so we have selected three diverse bookmakers: the professional bookmaker Pinnacle, the strong popular middle peasant "Mara Fonbet" and the weak office "Betcity". The data was taken as of August 12, 2021.

Bookmakers see only two teams as the main favorites - Manchester City (finalist of the 2020-2021 season) and PSG, which were unexpectedly strengthened by Lionel Messi. Odds for these clubs to win are offered in the region of 4.00-4.50, which corresponds to a probability of about 22-25%.

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»
«Manchester City»4.514.503.80

The second group of contenders consists of three teams - Chelsea (the reigning champions), Liverpool and Bayern. The quotes for their victory lie in the range of 8.00-10.00, in terms of probability it is 10-12%.

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»

The next group of contenders is Real Madrid (Madrid), Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Juventus and Atlético Madrid. Here the first serious discrepancies in quotations begin, but in general, everywhere the coefficients fit into the range from 13.00 to 25.00, which corresponds to the chances of 4-8%

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»
«Real» (Madrid)17.9217.0018.00
«Manchester United»17.9213.0017.00
«Atlético» (Madrid)25.7326.0028.00

On Mara Fonbet, you can see an overestimated coefficient for Barça, which differs by almost as much as 300 points from “Pinky”. Also on the "Marathon" they loaded Manchester United, and the coefficient on them is greatly underestimated, in comparison with "Pinka" and "Betcity". This is a great bonus for those who believe in these particular commands. The rest is roughly parity.

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»
«Borussia» (Dortmund)26.3341.0040.00

Next is a very interesting position. Estimates of Pinnacle and other firms were very different. "Pinka" estimates the chances of Dortmund at 3.8%, while the Russian bookmakers "Marafonbet" and "Betcity" gave them only 2.4-2.5%. As a rule, such a decent discrepancy indicates the presence of value on the market.

The next group of contenders for the Champions League trophy 2021-2022 has already very weak chances of winning, 1-2% according to our bookmakers.

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»
«Inter» (Milan)56.9751.0060.00

Here we can note a decent load in "Pink" to "Atalanta", which means a decent value at our offices. Also, the Marathon coefficient for the victory of Milan and the quotes of Betcity on Porto are highlighted.

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»
«Sporting» (Lisbon)168.15151.00150.00

There is complete unanimity between Pinnacle and Marathon, the odds are slightly higher on Pink because of the low margin. BetCity did not list all the candidates, but in general, they also remain in trend for these candidates, leaving them chances of about 0.6-1%.

BMBM Pinnacle«Mara Fonbet»«Betcity»
PSG (Eindhoven)279.07240.00-

The only Russian representative in the Champions League got into the zone of the main outsiders of the tournament. It is expected that in Russian offices the coefficient on his victory is lower than on "Pink" - a discrepancy of almost 8000 points. Otherwise, the opinions of the bookmakers are approximately the same.

Bets on the top scorer of the Champions League and, moreover, on the exit from the groups, have not yet appeared at anybody. Which, however, is not surprising - after all, the qualifying stage has not even ended yet, and there has been no draw. Probably, a little later (after August 26) we will write down one more material (a bonus to this), already taking into account the new markets.


By the way, about the coefficients. Now every bettor has the opportunity to choose the best odds for the event he liked. This is made possible by the BetMAX browser extension. Just select the desired outcome and BetMAX will show you all the best bookmaker offers for it in a second.


Predictions and value bets for the Champions League 2021-2022

Our editorial staff singles out Borussia Dortmund from the odds review. Of course, betting on her victory in the Champions League-2022 is very risky (although the devil is not joking), but it is obvious that on Pink (where the most correct line is) the coefficient on it is greatly underestimated, and on other offices you can take unambiguously valuable bets on her side.

These can be bets on the exit from the group, bets on TB points in the group, bets on the first place in the group, bets on the passage to 1/8, quarterfinals or semi-finals. Anything that seems appropriate to you personally. The fact is that Borussia is undervalued by weaker bookmakers than Pinnacle. The same applies to Atalanta and Milan - Pinka estimates their chances higher than other bookmakers, respectively, here you can look for value bets and bets.

As for the bet on the winner - this is an extremely risky and thankless task but we make a prediction for Manchester City. Guardiola's team proved to be stronger than all other clubs throughout the previous season, deservedly reached the final, and in fact was a big favorite there. It is very disappointing to stumble one step before the trophy, so the MC will have increased motivation in this rally. We think that the bets on their victory in the tournament at 4.50 are quite reasonable.

As for PSG, we believe that they are overrated by the bookmakers. Yes, Messi came, but he is no longer 25 or even 30 years old. It takes time to join a new team, learn and understand other schemes, get used to new fields, country, language, and much more. We suspect (especially given the character of Lionel and his age) that this season will be far from brilliant for Messi and the PSG team as a whole.

We think that it is appropriate to bet on the Parisians with a "minus" - the rates of TM points in the group, bets on the second place instead of the first (if there is one more grand in the group, of course), bets on a relatively early departure from the playoffs. We suspect that PSG are decently overrated, and they will not be in the final. The fact that the Parisians will not become the champions of this rally can be bet for 1.25 on Parimatch - this is (practically) concrete.

Among the contenders of the second echelon we can single out Bayern - the team failed the season after taking the trophy, and is now ready for new achievements. In our opinion, the Germans will be better prepared for the tournament than their English teammates in the trophy claims (Chelsea and Liverpool), and will go further than them.


Let's single out the teams that can surprise and perform above expectations (or, conversely, fail):

  1. «Zenit» - expectations are nowhere lower, but the roster allows us to hope for good football, and even for qualifying from the group, if we are lucky with the draw;

  1. «Real» (Madrid) - from their game there are always heightened expectations, but in this drawing they are only on the 6-8th place in the rating of bookmakers for the tournament. But we are sure that they are capable of swinging both the final and the trophy;

  1. «Atletico» (Madrid) are an unpredictable gray horse at every tournament. A grassroots, viscous game allows you to count on success in any match, against any opponent, which can end quite curiously;

  1. «Monaco» – a distinctive team showing interesting football, which is clearly underestimated. We would put them, if not on a par with Inter, then at least in the group of contenders represented by the Milanese.

The most overrated teams are «Chelsea» (the odds have risen too sharply compared to last season, although little has changed), Barcelona (lost half of their squad), PSG (we've already talked about this today), Inter (no better the same “Monaco”, although it differs in quotations three times) and “Wolfsburg” (the team has weakened, and at the moment it does not look preferable to the main outsiders of the tournament). Betting below bookmaker's expectations is appropriate for them.

In general, in the spring we will check our thoughts, but for now - Good luck!