CS:GO rates


Counter Strike today takes a leading place in the field of betting for cybersport. During the Coronavirus Pandemic of the 2020 year, all the cybebers received a powerful increase in development. Moreover, the CS GO discipline itself has grown noticeably and bets on it.

What is CS: GO

Counter Strike: Global Offensive - Multiplayer shooter, released by Valve Software in 2012. In 2013, the first Major tournament was held from "DreamHack" with a 350,000 dollar prize. At the same time, the first skins for CS GO appeared in Steam, and some bookmakers began to take rates with game objects.

All this brought to a new level of the bint for cybersport, and their popularity is steadily growing for the last eight years. Today, Majorah has already played at two million dollars, and the rates on the CS GO matches are in the line of each respective bookmaker's office.

The essence of the game CS: GO

Two-player teams participate in the skating rink. The first team stands for terrorists, and in each round should establish and undermine the bomb. The second - special forces - to prevent them from this. Also possible early end of the round at the death of all team members. After fifteen rounds, the teams change roles.

Professional matches consist of one or more different gaming cards. The most common format is to victory in two maps. Each card is played to victory in 16 rounds. If an equal account is set 15:15, it is assigned to overtime - three or five additional rounds. Rounds on average last no more than a few minutes of real-time.

In the game there are many diverse weapons and ammunition, but it is not available immediately. Matches The team begins with a minimum amount of resources and can afford only the most basic weapon. Therefore, the first and sixteenth (after changing the parties) are called "pistol". In the course of the game, the teams receive resources for victory and killed enemies, which are improving their equipment.

Where to put on CS: GO

The best BC for betting on the COP - specialized offices, sharpened under the cybersport. Among the Russian legal BC as of March 2021, only one such office is "GGBET.RU". They offer an excellent line on CS GO with deep painting up to 200 outcomes and cover a large platter of the competition - both the largest magers and amateur tournaments with the most modest prizes.

In addition to a wide line, in cyber exporting offices, Live rates are very developed. The painting is not worse there than in the premate, but each rink is accompanied by a stream of excellent quality.


In addition to the "GGBET", a good line on CS Go can be found in "PIN-UP", "Betboom" and "888.ru". Not bad to put today in "WinLine", "Zenitbet" and "Baltbet". In the rest of the office, the betting level of cyberport and the COP is below average or very sad.


What can be put in CS: GO

  • Rates on the outcome of the game;
  • Rates on the heads for cards and rounds;
  • Rates on total cards and rounds;
  • Rates to the exact account on the cards.

These are basic outcomes that can be found in most offices. In an advanced painting, individual totals are also added, rates to N rounds will be adding whether overtime, outcomes and painting on the cards. You can put on pistol rounds, Total and Fragam Fors (Killings), the outcomes of individual maps, the victory of the side of the terrorists or special forces, long-term rates and various combined outcomes.

Despite growing popularity, CS GO and cybersport today is still Smallmarket. Here are low limits, at best, up to 10-15 thousand rubles for top events, a decent margin of 6-8% and high attention from the bookmaker in the case of frequent and successful rates.

Some international bookmakers, illegal in the territory of the Russian Federation, take bets on the congregation of the matches of in-game things. Shmot exchanged through Steam on the currency of the bookmaker account, as a rule, with an impressive commission. This method is suitable for gamers who have accumulated many unnecessary skins on the account.

Tips for rates on CS: GO

Celebrate is perhaps even more unpredictable for bets than classic species. This, on the one hand, gives additional advantages, for example, the ability to catch major coefficients on sensations. On the other hand, it is still possible to find patterns for the rate, if you carefully observe the world of professional counter strike.

What you need to bet on the matches of the CS GO:

  • Tournament level. Leading teams of the world (TIR-1) are often unpervently related to any competitions except for Majorov. Periodically, they come to secondary tournaments, but almost never strain there. Motivation from their rivals, as a rule, shrinks, which allows you to catch good bets on their victory in the maps and matches.
  • Team formulations. Cembulating teams are often changing and this is critical for their speeches - adequate replacement, usually not provided. The statistics of individual players can be found on specialized portals, for example, HLTV. It is also helpful to monitor the moral state of each player, for its fatigue, personal problems, acclimatization, diseases.
  • Statistics. There are sites on the CS GO, which have been collecting each MAP, frag and round, which has been won by individual teams for many years. Of particular importance when making the bet has Mappul - a set of cards on which the team or specific players exhibit themselves best. The current form of the team is of great importance. According to the results of the last matches, it is possible to quite accurately conclude about the setting and the state of the team at the current tournament.
  • Start game. The winner of the pistol round receives a decent economic advantage and in most cases takes the map. At the same time, Cambakes are very often happening in the control. This is a non-linear game and an advantage even in a dozen rounds does not guarantee a leading team to win the map. Unless, of course, rivals are comparable in terms of level.

The most important thing is to love cybersport. Live the selected game: Cat yourself, see the streams on Twice and YouTube, read news, forecasts and gamers forums, subscribe to the social networks of cybersports. Do everything to be aware than bookmakers. Which, by the way, in cybersport disciplines, while swimming and often give supervoluyny rates. Good luck!