What are multi-bets


Let's figure out what multi-bets are in bookmakers. In short, these are system bets consisting of several outcomes. In fact, traditional express systems are also multi-bets, but there are other modifications as well. Today we will look at them, and explain how and where to use them correctly.

Where to find multi-bets?

In fact, standard express systems like “2 out of 3” or “4 out of 6” also refer to multi-bets, so we can say that they are available in almost all bookmakers. But some bookmakers offer modified multi-bets, such offers can be found in Marathon and 1X, let's take a closer look at them.

Multi-bets in “Marathonbet”

This type of bet is offered by both bookmakers - the legal bookmaker Marathon, and the offshore version with the .com domain extension, the rules are identical in both cases. There are also traditional express systems in Marika, but they are placed in a separate section, and multi-bets have their own names.

The easiest way to deal with them is with examples:

Choose three outcomes from three different matches and go to the bet coupon:

There we select the tab “Multibets” and see that we are offered two options to choose from - “Trixie” and “Patent”. What does it mean?

  1. “Trixie” is a multi-bet, in which one tee and three doubles are placed on the bet for equal amounts for the selected outcomes. Accordingly, in order to receive a payment, you need to guess at least two out of three outcomes. In this case, the payout amount will be the product of the odds played, multiplied by a quarter of the total bet on the trix.


An important point: in the bet amount field, we enter the number that goes to one bet within the trix. That is, if we entered 1000 rubles, then 4000 rubles will be spent on the whole trixi. An example of calculating two entered outcomes - for example, the first two played. (3.70 x 2.10) x (4000/4) = 7770 rubles. If all three outcomes enter, then we will receive the full payment indicated in the coupon - 36674.10 rubles.


  1. “Patent” is very similar to “Trixie”, with the only difference that there are seven bets - three more single bets are added to the tee and three doubles for each of the outcomes. Accordingly, only one outcome is required for the minimum payout. However, in this case, even the initial bet amount will not be recouped, unless, of course, the winning odds are higher than 7.00.

Moving on and adding another outcome:

In the case of four selected outcomes, the multi-bets in Marathon have different names - Lucky 15 and Yankee. It sounds complicated, but it's actually quite simple.

  1. “Lucky 15” is an analogue of “Patent”, only for four outcomes. In this case, the rate is already divided into 15 parts - four single bets, six doubles, four tees and one quadruple.

  1. "Yankees" - the same, but only without the ordinaries - an analogue of "Trixie" for four outcomes. The bet is divided into eleven equal parts - doubles, tees and fours, without ordinaries. Accordingly, to get the minimum payout, you need to pass two outcomes.

When adding additional selections, we will see new names for multi-bets - “Super Yankee”, “Lucky 31”, “Lucky 63”, “Heinz”, “Super Heinz”, “Goliath” and so on. Their essence remains the same as that of "Trixie" with "Patent", they are simply intended for even more outcomes.

1X multiple bets

This type of bet can also be found on both sites - on the offshore 1Xbet, and on the legal “1X Bet”. 1X multiple bets are very similar to traditional express systems, but there is one caveat - the lobby.


The lobby is the main outcome that must be completed as part of a multi-bet, otherwise all bets will be lost. As a lobby, you can choose any outcome and even an express one. When a bet is passed, the lobby odds will be multiplied by the winnings on the rest of the bet.


Again, let's look at an example:

Selecting four outcomes in English Premier League matches. You can choose three, but we'll take four to be able to consider more options. Next, go to the bet coupon.

In the field type of bet, select “Multibet”. If no lobby is selected, then our bet is a regular express system. In the field below we can choose its format - “2 of 4” or “3 of 4”. As we can see in the field above, each outcome can be defined in its own block, including the “Lobby” block.

As a lobby, you can choose any outcome, or even several outcomes, which will be combined into an express. The remaining elections will be played depending on their number. Let's say we took only the first outcome as a lobby. Then the other three make up the standard “2 of 3” system. The bet amount is evenly divided by the number of separate bets in the second bet, in our case - into three parts, one part for each of the doubles.

The formula for calculating the winnings according to this system is a little confusing and looks like this:

K1 (lobby) x the amount of K winning outcomes x the amount of the bet on one part of the system

Calculation options in this example at a rate of 3,000 rubles (1,000 for each option):

  1. Lobby does not pass - loss;
  2. The lobby passes, but only one of the remaining bets plays - a loss;
  3. The lobby passes, bets 2 and 3 pass in the system - the winnings are 3.64 x (2.118x7.8) x 1000 = 60134 rubles;
  4. The lobby passes, bets 2 and 4 also pass - winnings 3.64 x (2.118 x 4.22) x 1000 = 32,534 rubles;
  5. The lobby passes, bets 3 and 4 also pass - winnings 3.64 x (7.8 x 4.22) x 1000 = 119,814 rubles;
  6. All the outcomes in the multi-bet passed - the maximum winning is 3.64 x (2.118x7.8 + 2.118x4.22 + 7.8x4.22) x 1000 = 212481 rubles.

But you can also take the express from the first two outcomes as a lobby. Then there will be two outcomes, and the rest of the bet will also be multiplied. In this case, the total coefficient will increase, but for the passage it will be necessary for all the outcomes to enter. In general, blocks in a bet can be combined in any way - you can add several outcomes to each block, combining them into express bets.

For example, you can make the lobby an express of three outcomes, add an express of two outcomes to block 1, an ordinary to block 2, and another express of four outcomes to block 3. To place such a bet, we need to select 10 outcomes at once. The odds will be absolutely exorbitant, but the chances of winning such a bet are practically zero.

How to use multi-bets?

1X multiple bets allow you to collect truly huge odds. If they shoot, they can bring huge profits, but the chances of this are extremely small. As a lobby, it is better to choose the most reliable option, preferably secured by the possibility of a return. As the main bet, it is also better to take a system with a safety net, no more than 4-5 outcomes and with the right to two misses, then there will be at least some acceptable chances of winning.

Multi-bets in the “Marathon” bring winnings from one guessed outcome, but the payout amount will not even cover the costs of the bet. The best use case is increased odds in the range of 2.50-5.00. It is better not to collect more than 5-6 outcomes themselves. You can also, luckily, add one super high coefficient of 10+ to the multi-bet; when it passes, it will give an excellent multiplier to other past outcomes.

In general, of course, multi-bets are just another type of entertainment. Slightly less secure than express, because there is a right to make a mistake, and not even one. But at the same time, it is still extremely risky. When the number of outcomes exceeds four or five, it is even difficult to calculate the potential gain without specialized system calculators.