Free freebets for registration without a deposit


Agree, it is very pleasant to place bets without the slightest risks. You make a bet, and if successful, all the bottom line is yours. And if you lost - it's okay, they didn’t bet their own money. Such bonuses are not very common, but are still offered by some bookmakers. Bookmakers call this free bet.

What is freebet

Free bet (free bet, free bet) is a special coupon for a certain amount that can be used to place a bet. They are usually given to players by bookmakers as a gift, or as a bonus for meeting certain conditions - registration, installation of a mobile application, replenishment of an account or a specified amount of bets. 

Russian bookmakers are not very generous in terms of free bets, as a rule , they are issued with conditions and the amounts are not very impressive - 500, 1000, maximum a couple of thousand rubles. But still, some legal bookmakers offer free free bets just for registration, without a deposit.

An important point: when betting with a free bet, players receive only a net profit from the bet, excluding the amount of free bet itself. For example, if you place a free bet of 500 rubles at a coefficient of 3.00, then the bookmakers will pay only 1000 rubles: 500x3-500 = 1000.

Which bookmakers offer unconditional free bets in 2021:

  • 4th place: bookmakers "Olimp" 


BC "Olimp" offers all new players a bonus of 500 rubles, but there are still some conditions. First, the free bet must be bet at odds of 2.00 or higher. Secondly, the winnings will have to be wagered - 50% of the winnings must be put on the odds from 1.50 again. Registration is accepted both through the website and through the bookmaker's mobile applications. 


  • 3rd place: Betboom bookmakers 

The Betboom bookmaker gives absolutely all new users five free bets of 100 rubles each. They can be used on different events, the limit on the odds is 1.30-3.5. Moreover, after that, you can place three more bets from 300 rubles on your own or won from free bets, and get another free bet for 500 rubles. There is no need to wager the bonuses, they are immediately credited to the main account. 


  • 2nd place: BetCity bookmakers 

BetCity gives each player a 500 rubles free bet. To obtain it, you only need to register through the company's mobile application. If the first bet loses, the bookmaker adds another free bet. If he also loses, the players receive the third free bet for 500 rubles. Thus, you can get as many as three free bets. But if one of the bets wins, the next free bets will no longer be credited. By replenishing the account with the minimum amount, you can immediately withdraw your winnings. 


  • 1st place: Winline bookmakers 


Vinline takes the highest place in this TOP, giving customers 1000 rubles with a free bet, which can be used to bet on any event. The only condition is that registration must go through a mobile application. If successful, wagering is not needed. It is enough to verify the payment method of withdrawal (make a minimum deposit) and immediately pick up the winnings.


What other options are there for risk-free betting at Russian bookmakers 

There are other variations of free bets - risk-free bet or bet insurance. The difference is that in this case you make a deposit and put your money already. But in case of failure, the bet amount will be returned to you. And if successful, you will receive the full payment amount to the main gaming account of the bookmaker's office. In any case, you will have to replenish your account initially.

A similar promotion is offered by the following bookmakers: 


  • Parimatch. Only the first bet on football is insured for an amount not exceeding 2,000 rubles. You can make a larger bet, but the insurance is valid only for two thousand. 

  • "Pin-Up". The insurance of the first bet is 3000 rubles, but you will have to make a bet on a risky multiplayer of at least three events with odds of 2.00 and higher each. 

  • "League of bets". The first rate is insured, the insurance amount is 2021 rubles. You can place bets on any event. You can get bonuses with the promo code START21. 


  • "Bettery". The first bet is insured, but the amount is only 500 rubles. The choice of outcomes is not limited by anything. When making a deposit, enter the promo code START. 


These are the best offers from Russian bookmakers, the conditions are minimal or absent. A number of bookmakers - "Olympus", "League of bets", "Fonbet", "GGBet", "Bettery" - also offer free bets and insurance if the client makes a deposit of a certain amount. The promotion involves not only the first deposit, but also subsequent ones. 

Large bookmakers can afford to use free bet as an incentive for players' activity. Players receive coupons in their personal account or to their e-mail address individually. Among such bookmakers are "Marafonbet", "Parimatch", "Fonbet". By the way, large offices give a bonus not only on the legal version of their sites, but also on their offshore versions with the .com and .bet extensions.