Fast sports betting: suitable markets, game nuances


Fast bets are inherently very similar to playing in a casino. Both in terms of the rate of turnover of funds and the emotional component. The result can be obtained in just a couple of minutes, the excitement goes off scale, and the luck factor tends to 100%. If you want something like that, then it is best to play roulette or slots. But there are similar offers in betting, and we'll talk about them today.

Pros of fast sports betting

The only plus here is the fast turnover of funds. On a good day, you can significantly increase the amount on your account in just an hour or two, or even in a shorter period. But, accordingly, on a bad day, you can drain everything even faster. At the same time, the skill factor in fast betting is reduced to almost zero. The player simply does not have time to analyze everything correctly, he acts at random, and this is a direct path to remote loss.


Another conditional plus can be called adrenaline rush and excitement, but the positiveness of this phenomenon is very doubtful. In general, in fact, quick bets are an ordinary gamble, and even with an increased commission of the establishment and for such emotions, it is better to go to the casino.


Varieties of quick bets

Obviously, quick bets are inextricably linked to live play. For a prematch, you can think of only one use case - to bet on the events of the first minutes in those matches that are about to begin. Or bet on markets that are likely to play in the very first minutes, for example, a minute or a segment of the first strikeout in football. This is the only way it can be really fast.

And in live there are many more such opportunities.

  1. Fast Football Betting

Most of the recreational bookmakers provide a very wide list of football matches. Among the standard outcomes, you can often find literally minute markets.

Even in the Mexican Championship, late at night, you can find in live such markets as “no goal in the 2nd minute” at 1.01 or “a goal before the 10th minute” at 4.63. Accordingly, you can be sure that the bet result is guaranteed to become known within two or ten minutes.

More uncertain over time markets are “who will score the first goal” or “the first goal in the first half”. Here, you may have to wait for the calculation until the end of the half, but chances are that everything will be decided much faster. Also, some bookmakers offer similar markets for statistical actions - corners, outs, warnings, and so on - and they happen much more often than goals. There are also combined markets, like “which happens first, corner, LCD or goal”.

Alternatively, you can search for ending events, matches in which no more than five minutes are left to play. There, too, a fairly quick settlement is guaranteed. But in such cases, as a rule, the painting is much poorer and the limits are reduced.

  1. Fast tennis bets

Tennis is generally one of the best sports for quick bets. After all, the results of not only matches and sets, but also games are played here. And some bookmakers offer to guess at least every point, the drawing of which lasts only 15-30 seconds.

This is some kind of prohibitive speed of betting, because even in games you can play fast enough. Moreover, there you can bet not only on the outcome of the game segment, but also on markets like “there will be a score of 40:40 in the game” or “the exact score by points in the game”.

  1. Fast hockey bets

There are also plenty of offers for bets on short periods of the match, which can greatly accelerate the speed of your game.

Among such proposals are “exact minute of the next goal”, “race to N goals”, intermediate totals (how many goals a team will have for a given minute of the match), outcomes, handicaps and totals of individual segments of the match - at least periods, at least ten minutes, at least five minutes. Moreover, the handicaps and totals are given by a whole line, in which you can choose a reliable option with a safety net or, conversely, a risky outcome with a high coefficient.

  1. Other sports for quick bets

The more dynamic the sport is, the better it is for fast betting. In basketball, in almost all bookmakers, you can bet on the race up to N points or outcomes by quarters. In volleyball, as in tennis, markets are offered for literally every rally of the ball, and this rally itself takes no more than 30 seconds on average.

Table tennis is a treasure trove for quick bets - the whole match there can be done in 10 minutes, and it takes a matter of seconds to play a point. Horse racing or dog racing, by the way, quite popular among bettors in many countries, can also be attributed there. The races are frequent and very short.

In general, fast markets can be found in almost any sport, for example:

  1. The next frag in CS: GO;
  2. Who will kill Roshan in Dota 2;
  3. Round outcome in MMA and boxing;
  4. Who will throw the next ball in handball or water polo;
  5. Baseball Innings Total Runs;
  6. Which team will be fouled next in many sports.

Etc. And in offshore bookmakers there is also a huge layer of virtual sports. There, in general, a whole match can last only 1-2 minutes, and there is also a list of times, bets on the first goals and other super fast markets. By the way, virtual sports are controlled by random number generators, so this is, in fact, the same casino, only with a sports bias.

Cons of fast bets

We have already talked about the advantages, and came to the conclusion that there are practically none. And they can be called pluses only conditionally. But the fast game has enough drawbacks. First of all, it is an increased margin. Even in the above pictures you can see that it is at least 6-7%, and sometimes the commission on fast markets can go up to 15-20%! For a bookmaker, this is just a gold mine, withdrawing 15% of the margin every few minutes from each player, but for bettors it is extremely unprofitable.

Many bookmakers have a so-called live bet acceptance timeout. On average, it is 5-15 seconds, but with such a fast game it is a lot. Often times, the bets simply fail, the situation changes dramatically in the segment of the match, with the change in the coefficient, the profitability of the market is lost. All this distracts from the game, leads to excessive nervousness and additional bettor's mistakes.

Also, individual bookmakers may have different rules for accepting and calculating bets on exotic markets. You will have to learn the intricacies of the rules of all offices, or be limited to one bookmaker, which is not very promising from the point of view of remote profit. By the way, if you use several accounts in conjunction with the BetMAX Pro extension, you can significantly increase your performance.

Well, and most importantly, most fast markets are completely random. There it is not possible (and there is no time) to reveal value on them if the value does not lie on the surface. But this, in most cases, is just a bookmaker's mistake, which they calculate as a refund. And a little later, they will cut the account limits for this. If you do not deduce probabilities and focus on value, then this is doomed to the gradual consumption of the bank by increased margin. The circle is closed.


In summary, we do not recommend fast sports betting. This is one hundred percent gambling, with all its disadvantages. The factor of luck is in the foreground here, and the factor of skill is reduced to almost zero. That is, this is the complete opposite of correct betting, which has at least a theoretical probability of being profitable. Here, at a distance, you will only be guaranteed to lose, rising a little on successful evenings.

If you want to play fast bets for the sake of excitement and adrenaline, then too by. On the same roulette, the margin is fixed at only 2.7%, which is much lower than in the fast sports markets. Roulette rules are simple and everyone knows. There are no timeouts or delays, and slots or simple games are only played for a few seconds. So the adrenaline will remain at the same level, but with a lot of additional advantages. In general, we will repeat the main thesis from the beginning of the article: for such purposes, it would be much better to visit an online or offline casino.