What is chain bet in betting?


“Chain” bet - this type of bet is offered on their websites by individual bookmakers. Today we will look at the essence of this proposal, its pros and cons. We will also discuss how best to set up “chain” bets in order to increase the likelihood of winning.

Where can I place a chain bet?

The chain is an exclusive offer from 1Xbet and their legal clone “1X Bet”. This bet is also offered by some other bookmakers whose sites are based on the same template, for example, Betwinner. The e-sports bookmaker GGbet also once had a chain called “Conditional bet”, but now it is no longer offered.

This type of bet is a cross between single bets and a system of express bets. Its essence is as follows: the player selects a series (at least two) of ordinary bets from unrelated matches. Then he chooses the order in which these bets will be settled. The total winnings in the chain are directly influenced not only by the outcomes of the outcomes, but also by the chosen sequence for calculating the bet.

How is the chain calculated?

Example: we have selected three events in the coupon - the hosts' victories in the next round of the football RPL. All matches start at the same time, but in the chain the results will be calculated exactly in the order in which they appear in the coupon.

  1. The amount of the bet is 1000 rubles, initially all this thousand goes to the first outcome of the event, that is, the victory of “Akhmat”. If “Akhmat” cannot win, the chain immediately burns out. If Grozny wins, the chain's account will be replenished and will amount to 3260 rubles.

  1. On the next match “Wings of the Soviets” - “Rostov”, the initial bet amount is also automatically placed, that is, 1000 rubles. If it passes, the winnings (2816 rubles) are added to the amount already earned (2260 rubles) and the total amount on the chain's account will be 5067 rubles. If the bet does not work, it does not matter, the chain will live on at 2260 rubles and a thousand of this amount will go to the third match.

  1. With the third match, “Nizhny Novgorod” - “Arsenal”, everything is the same - the initial bet of 1000 rubles is directed to this event. If the first two bets have passed, then this thousand is allocated from the amount of 5067 rubles. If “Wings” could not win, then out of the amount of 2260 rubles. In case of a victory, the final winning on the third bet (2575 rubles) also replenishes the account of the chain, and fixes the profit on it 6651 rubles. If the bet fails, then the thousand is deducted from the total score of the chain.

Accordingly, we have several calculation scenarios:

  1. If the first bet in the chain did not play, the bet is lost immediately;
  2. If all matches are played, we get the payout at the maximum odds specified in the coupon (6.651);
  3. If the first prediction passed, and the rest did not, we get payment of 1260 rubles;
  4. If the first and second predictions are passed, the payment will be 4067 rubles;
  5. If the first and third events have passed, the payment will be 3835 rubles.

If there is less money left on the chain account than was involved in the first bet, then the entire amount is put at once. If this bet also fails, then the chain is interrupted and is considered lost.


A chain can consist of any number of chain “links” (single). It is allowed to use any sports, events, markets and outcomes (including live), as long as they are not interconnected. The sequence of calculating the outcomes is determined by the player himself. It does not matter in what order these events are completed in reality, it is important in what order they are added to the coupon.


Chain bet: advantages and disadvantages

A chain is a much less risky betting option than an express bet, because here you can get a win even after losing several bet outcomes. At the same time, there remains an opportunity to hit a solid jackpot when all the elections come in.

It is unlikely that a chain is a good option for correct betting, because even the profit from it cannot be calculated mathematically in advance. The ordinary in correct betting is much more appropriate. But as entertainment, this is a much more interesting type of bet than the express bet and even the system of express bets.

How the chain is put?

Obviously, for the first match on the list, you need to choose the most reliable and probable outcome, because if it does not pass, the whole chain will be lost immediately. It is recommended to add the most unlikely outcomes (where the highest odds are).

In the very last place, you can even put some very risky option with a 10+ odds. If the chain is successful, then at the end there will be a chance to hit another great extra jackpot, risking only a small part of the accumulated account of the chain.

But it is best not to get carried away with large odds and alternately insure risky outcomes with reliable single bets with odds around two. As for the number of events in the chain, we recommend limiting yourself to 4-5 outcomes, so the chances of making a profit will be much higher.