How to search for arbs - top scanners


Arb scanners are sophisticated line parsers for bookmakers. Cool modern scanners collect tens and hundreds of lines that bookmakers offer. They work not only in prematch, but also with live data volumes, process terabytes of information in seconds so that the user can comfortably and without risks make money on the bookmaker's website.

What is an arb scanner for?

The arbs scanner allows you to find arbs - arbitrage situations between different bookmakers. Having made a bet on all the outcomes of the arb, the bettor gets a guaranteed profit from the deal. The profit can be different, but, as a rule, one arb brings 1-10 percent of the sums entered into the office. 

 Arbitrage is a popular way of earning money in bookmakers, which bettors have been successfully using since the dawn of the Internet. But over time, bookmakers tightened control over earnings in such situations and their current level of development allows them to successfully fight arbers. But scanners do not stand still - they are also developing technologically and provide all new opportunities for their clients to earn money in bookmaker according to the arbs strategy.

Key parameters of arb scanners

Not all scanners are created equal. Some are already slightly outdated, and cannot compete with new projects. Some develop faster than others. Some people focus on the quality and speed of search, spending a lot of resources, which affects the price of a subscription. Others seek to attract customers with a low price and turnover. 

 The main parameters that we will take into account in our rating:


  • Availability of live arbs. All scanners give pre-match arbs, but this format is rapidly becoming obsolete - you can find much tastier offers online and make money on them within a few minutes. But the presence of live arbs requires a completely different level of technical equipment of the scanner, so they are naturally more expensive.


  • Availability of liv.e arbs. All scanners give pre-match arbs, but this format is rapidly becoming obsolete - you can find much tastier offers online and make money on them within a few minutes. But the presence of live arbs requires a completely different level of technical equipment of the scanner, so they are naturally more expensive.


  • The number of sports scanned. Weak scanners give arbs only for the most popular sports and markets. Some even offer bets only on football events - the most popular events among bettors. Powerful modern scanners are ready to offerarbs on almost the entire variety of bookmaker lines, including esports, less popular disciplines and markets.


  • Scanning speed. It is also a very relevant parameter, especially for live surebets. A live arb most often lasts literally seconds, so the faster the scanner works, the more chances the bettor has to cover the shoulders of the event of the arb and make money on it. The update speed of leading arbs scanners is only 1-3 seconds.


  • Tariffs - price and variety of offers. Considering all of the above, subscription prices vary widely across the market. In free access, as a rule, only low-profit arbs with a yield of up to 1% are provided. A prematch subscription can be found for 1000 rubles, and access to the full functionality of the most expensive scanners reaches up to 20000 rubles per month. At such prices, the variety of tariff plans is also of great importance - affordable subscriptions for a day, a week, or good discounts when connecting for a year.


Secondary parameters that are taken into account in the rating: scanner age, speed of its development, overall reliability, minimization of bugs associated with incorrect display of arbs. The latter periodically happens even with the most modern arbs scanners due to inconsistencies in the rules for calculating bets at bookmakers or similar names of teams in a match. Also, some scanners have additional functionality, for example, they look for middles and value bets, develop auxiliary browser extensions, and can even take into account all the player's bets.

Reviews of the most popular arb scanners

Let's consider several versatile scanners differing in quality, pricing and functionality.


The scanner has been operating since 2012 and was launched by Ukrainian developers. The functionality of Allbestbets is at a very good level, there are both prematch and live arbs, as well as search for corridors and values. The design is minimalistic and intuitive. The number of BCs for work has exceeded one hundred. The scanner parses more than 30 sports with a fairly wide level of signature on them. 

 Another feature of the scanner is the additional Arbhelper plug-in, which helps to move from the plug-scanner to bookmaker sites without attracting too much attention. In addition, there are many other useful tools: the "Accounting" section, which stores all the player's activity, all placed arbs and bets, as well as the total profit from them; odds comparison service; API access and much more. The number of bugs and errors in Allbestbets is minimal.


The odds comparison service is not available in every surebot scanner, even with a very high monthly subscription price. The BetMAX Best Odds Search extension is completely free. The combination of playing with arbs and BetMAX can significantly increase the profit from each arb, increasing the arbitrage income up to 20%!



The price of the service is quite high, but in terms of price-quality ratio, perhaps, it justifies itself. The simplest package with the highest limits costs € 30, the professional one € 190 per month. There are also rates for 1, 7, 14 and 90 days. When purchasing the maximum subscription period, a month of "Professional" costs 166 euros.

Allbestbets Arb Scanner Ratings


  • Available bookmakers: 10/10;
  • Number of sports and bet type: 9/10;
  • Additional functionality: 10/10;
  • Scanning speed: 8/10;
  • Age and reliability of the scanner: 9/10
  • Price: 7/10


Overall rating: 53 points. Perhaps the best option for professional arbers who are willing to pay for high quality, but are not willing to throw money by sponsoring expensive Western scanners.



A young service for finding surebets, fully operational since 2017. It is developing very rapidly, constantly adding new features and expanding functionality. It works with both prematch and live, scans more than 50 bookmakers, searches for surebets in 12 sports and declares the regular availability of more than 200 thousand surebets. 

 In addition to surebets, it can search for value odds, has a very convenient surebets calculator with advanced functionality, translation of the site into six popular languages ​​and one of the best in the industry crawl delay - from one second.

BreakingBet's tariffs are more than loyal, as the company is still in the process of recruiting its own client base. A monthly pre-match subscription will cost the user only 12 euros, live + prematch costs 18 euros per month. You can subscribe for 7, 90, 180 or 365 days. The annual maximum subscription costs 13.5 € / month when converted, with additional discounts of up to 15-20% apply when renewing all subscriptions.

Arb scanner ratings BreakingBet


  • Available bookmakers: 7/10;
  • Number of sports and bet types: 6/10;
  • Additional functionality: 7/10;
  • Scanning speed: 9/10;
  • Age and reliability of the scanner: 6/10;
  • Price: 10/10


Overall rating: 45 points. An excellent option for beginner arbers and intermediate arbitrageurs. It allows you to save money by providing a fairly wide functionality for its price category.



Russian plug-scanner of 2013 release. It specializes exclusively in live, prematch arbs are not used here at all. On the one hand, this is bad, since it cuts down the functionality, and on the other hand, you can earn much more and faster on live arbs. Pros generally do not pay attention to the fuss with the prematch either. 

 Positivebet has advanced functionality, it also searches for bet value and middles. Another undoubted advantage of the service is a very convenient and informative arb calculator. Also, the scanner provides an extended subscription, which includes a separate application for working with arbs "Theforks". It allows you to change the VPN in one click, invisibly go to the office's website directly to the coupon of the selected bet (bet), and simultaneously work with several browser tabs, a scanner and a calculator in one window.


An app subscription costs $ 134 per month. If you do not need it, then using one plug-scanner will cost $ 99 for 30 days. Subscriptions are available for a day, a week and three months, there is the possibility of freezing several times during the subscription period. Quite often this arb-scanner provides promotional discounts on its services. 

 Positivebet arb-scanner ratings


  • Available bookmakers: 5/10;
  • Number of sports and bet types: 5/10;
  • Additional functionality: 7/10;
  • Scanning speed: 10/10;
  • Age and reliability of the scanner: 7/10;
  • Price: 6/10


Overall rating: 40 points. An option for those who are used to working exclusively in live, already have good experience with arbs and prefer to work at speed. Such players will appreciate the speed of scanning and the convenience of the client application, but still, in terms of price-quality ratio, the subscription is expensive.



The service appeared in 2015 and immediately settled in the segment of “moderate quality at a low price”. The arb scanner is able to search for live surebets, prematch arbs, as well as corridors. The lines of 90 bookmakers' offices in thirty kinds of sports are being processed. The disadvantages of the scanner are the speed - it is noticeably lower than that of the scanners discussed in this review. But this is compensated for by the price. 

 One of the features of the Betspan scanner is a friendly support service that works 24/7, as well as video tutorials on arbs and how to use the scanner. True, for an additional fee. There is also a closed forum for users where you can ask any related questions and get an answer promptly.


The maximum monthly rate (live + prematch) costs $ 76 for 30 days. You can buy separately a prematch or live. The subscription is available for 1, 7 and 90 days with the possibility of one freeze up to 7 days. 

 Betspan arb scanner ratings 

  • Available bookmakers: 8/10;
  • Number sports and bet types: 8/10;
  • Additional functionality: 6/10;
  • Scanning speed: 5/10;
  • Scanner age and reliability: 8/10;
  • Price: 7/10


Overall rating: 42 points. Another good option for novice arbers. The main plus is that they will explain everything here, tell you how to make arbs correctly, and set you on the right path. Although the price, of course, is rather high - the same Breaking with similar functionality and higher speed costs several times cheaper.