How to make money on futsal bets?


What is futsal? What features of this game can be used in sports betting? What is the difference between big football and futsal? In which offices is it better to bet on futsal? Let's discuss today.

What is futsal?

This sport is very similar to soccer, which is familiar to everyone since childhood. But they play it on the floor in the hall, and there are only five people in the team, including the goalkeeper. Otherwise, the rules, set pieces and the essence of the game are very similar to football.

The main differences are in size - everything is smaller in the mini - the ball, the teams, the time of the match, the court, the goal. Also an important point is that tackles and full contact are prohibited. Futsal is even regulated by the same organization as world soccer, FIFA.

Futsal also has a twin brother - futsal, we talked about it in another article. It is controlled by a different federation and has slightly different rules. But at the same time, even FIFA often uses the name "futsal" to refer to futsal. Like many bookmakers.

Where to bet on futsal?

If there is no separate section for futsal on the BC website, look in the "Futsal" section

– very often bets on these sports are combined at bookmakers. The best lines on minik are offered by 1X Bet and Melbet bookmakers. Their list often reaches 50-100 outcomes per match, which you will not find anywhere else.

You can find MF lines in other offices - Parimatch, Marathon, Betsity, Fonbet, Pin-Up, Betboom and other large bookmakers. But the list there, as a rule, is much weaker, and comes down to a standard set - outcomes, odds, totals, even / odd.

But there may be better odds for the outcomes of the main line.

How to bet on futsal

Considering that the differences from big soccer are mostly decorative, it makes sense to approach match analysis in much the same way.

Major competitions and popular championships are most preferred - European Cups, Olympic Games, Europe and the World, as well as strong domestic championships of Russia, Spain, Brazil (the most likely World champions in 2021), Argentina, Portugal.

Otherwise, you need to take into account the same factors as in soccer - the current form of the teams, personnel, losses (injuries, disqualifications, transfers), the history of head-to-head meetings, motivation in the tournament, the team of referees. The weather does not matter, because the matches are played indoors.

The only other thing to consider is that the mini is much more dynamic than its big brother. There are more goals, dangerous chances and scoring situations, so the situation on the site can swing several times per game.