Cyber ​​hockey - how to bet online


Do you miss hockey in the offseason? Bookmakers offer a huge selection of eSports events for every taste! Plunge into the atmosphere of hockey battles in the midst of a hot summer. Different types of artificial hockey - e-sportsmen's cuts, virtual tournaments and NHL2K simulations - take your pick!

What is Cyber ​​Hockey?

These are simulations of a real hockey game, made with the participation of modern technologies. This is a realistic and vivid sight that will not get bored with real hockey during periods of a pandemic or off-season. 

Every fan of hockey battles will appreciate the variety of artificial hockey that almost every bookmaker offers. And those who fumble in it will surely find great options for their bets. 

Modern cyber hockey is either an esports discipline or a simulated hockey match in the popular NHL hockey simulator. Like FIFA, it is released by EA Sports and recreates the American Hockey League as close as possible to reality. 

The first game of this series was released back in 1991. Since 1993, the simulator has been released annually, periodically there are prefabricated versions, such as the "Legacy Edition". For the past few years, the game has only been released for PS4 and Xbox One game consoles. The latest version adds the ability to integrate the main stars of the past into the simulator - Gretzky, Steen, Lemieux, Houseley and other players. 

Each player and team here has its own rating and strength, which depend on their current lineups , standings and uniforms in the real NHL. All this is taken into account not only globally in the match, but also in every mini-confrontation on ice.

Cyber ​​hockey in bookmakers

Cyber ​​hockey betting became widespread in 2020, during the coronavirus pandemic. Almost all big sports then ceased to function and e-sports simulations were almost the only option that could be added to the line. 

Now bookmakers generally accept bets on the 21st year version, but there are rates for earlier versions. Due to contradictions in the legislation, the overwhelming majority of the Russian legal bookmaker refused to accept bets on any type of cyber hockey. In some offices, you can find bets on single matches in the eSports discipline, and no one offers simulations at all.

But bets on simulated hockey matches can be found in offshore clones of Russian bookmakers, and they are also offered by many foreign and international offices. The three best eSports bookmakers - 1Xbet, and the legendary Pinnacle - have the best odds in the world.

What you can bet on in cyber hockey:

  • Outcomes (including overtime); 
  • Double odds; 
  • Line of totals; 
  • Line of handicaps; 
  • Several individual totals; 
  • Asian handicaps and totals; 
  • Betting on exact scores; 
  • Exact number of goals.

And much more. Including you can bet on the statistics of matches - penalty time, fouls, total shootouts, shots on target. All game mechanics are taken from the NHL simulator, according to their internal team ranking. The results of such cyber streams cannot be faked or falsified - everything happens in front of your eyes. 

Matches of real esports players, as a rule, last full playing time - three periods of 20 minutes each and overtime if required. According to the regulations of the regular season, after overtime, a series of shootouts is assigned, and in the playoffs they play until the winning puck. Simulations run faster, usually they are compressed at least 2-3 times compared to real matches. This allows bettors to place more bets in the same amount of time. 

Many offshore companies also offer virtual hockey leagues. Matches there last even less, literally 2-3 minutes, and a whole season can end in a day. The outcomes in such games are controlled by a random number generator from virtual game providers. Betting on virtual hockey is more like slot machines than betting on sports. 

In virtual hockey, you don't have to wait for hours for a suitable game and just as long for the end of an event. Matches take place around the clock, and in some varieties last only a few minutes. Get your winnings and go straight to the next bet.

How to win at cyber hockey?

Cyber ​​hockey betting strategies largely depend on which type of artificial hockey you prefer to play. So, virtual hockey is rather a slot machine. There, almost everything depends on luck, although you can find certain patterns. Usually, they relate to deviations from the seasonal average. The season lasts less than a day there, so you can catch the adjustment pretty quickly. 

In the cyber battles of real gamers, everything depends on the player's personal skill. Cybersport is booming now, players have already played hundreds of statistics matches, and their skills are well known to experts. For this reason, the favorite of esports matches most often justifies his title and low odds for his victory. Esports bettors base their strategies on their ratings and statistics. 

To predict the outcome of cybersimulation, it makes sense to refer to the NHL numbers and ratings. All outcomes are tied to the team strength rating within the simulator and often repeat the average team figures for the season. 

Well suited for cyber hockey strategies to catch up with a certain event: a draw, TB / TM or an underdog victory. When combined with this soft financial progressions, it can be a good working strategy. 

In general, artificial hockey is good because it lacks the human factor. There are no fixed matches, lack of motivation, excessive tiredness of players or their workload with extraneous problems. There are only bare numbers that are much easier to analyze.

Pros and cons of cyber and virtual hockey betting



  • A large number of games that do not depend on seasonality, pandemics and other factors; 

  • In virtual leagues and simulations, the match is fast, which allows you to increase the turnover of bets; 


  • Lack of human factor and match fixing (except for esports hockey); 

  • Working with specific numbers, which is much more understandable to any bettor;

  • Simulated matches can be easily played by yourself and thus create an excellent statistical base for further bets.



  • Virtual hockey is more of a roulette (the factor of randomness is very high). In esports and simulated hockey, this is much better; 

  • High margin, which is hard to beat even in a prematch, and in live it can even reach 15%;

  • With all its advantages, in terms of entertainment and adrenaline level, it cannot be compared with the TOP matches of real hockey teams.


We recommend betting on cyber hockey primarily for gamers who specialize in this discipline. They are the ones who are best able to assess and predict in which direction the match will develop, even if it is just a simulation. In off-season or quarantine conditions, perhaps this is also better than nothing. But if you really have a choice, then it is better to bet on the games of real hockey teams.