Football betting odds - how to count?


Having started to get involved in bets, each person first of all comes across such a concept as the coefficient for this or that event. In simple terms, it is a number that evaluates each event in the line. It is displayed by certain calculations. 

If you are guided by the odds, you can easily identify the favorite and the outsider in a pair. This will increase the likelihood that your prediction will work. In addition, you can even independently conduct analytics and make predictions for the outcomes of various events. 

What is the odds? 

This term refers to the probability that a bet will "hit" or not. If a favorite can be clearly identified in a match, the bookmaker gives a low odds to him. On the other hand, the outsider will be high. The higher the number, the more the payoff will be. The lower, the lower the payoff, respectively. You need to understand that bets on high odds are always more profitable, but at the same time, they are the most risky. 

The main thing that can be understood by the odds on football and not only is the amount of payment for the bet. If the odds are 2.00, the bet amount will double, if the odds are 3.00, it will triple, and so on. If you subtract the bet amount from the payout amount, you can find out the net profit from the bet. And also - by the odds, you can understand the bookmaker's assessment of the probability of an outcome and its margin. 

Variants of calculations 

Bookmaker's office is not just an organization that provides people with the opportunity to earn money on different sports then esports, basketball, football, hockey league or tennis cup. These are huge companies in which each employee must perform a specific task. There are entire departments that deal with the calculation of coefficients.They take into account absolutely all the details (even the smallest) that can affect the outcome of the confrontation. Only after the deepest analysis, certain numbers are set. Naturally, only if the odds are correctly calculated, bookmakers will be able to earn. 

Now directly about the types of calculations: 

With the help of analytics. An in-depth study of statistics is being carried out. As a rule, experienced players, as well as most bookmakers, resort to this method. There is a league, championship, cup, there are specific matches. All information on them is monitored by a bookmaker employee. The received data forms the coefficient on which you make predictions and bet in the future. 

Heuristic. Bookmakers do not study dry statistics, but all the information that is available in free and private access. Most often, the media about football is used as sources. 

An important point. When offering a player to bet on football or another sport, bookmakers always include a margin in the coefficient. Margin - the pledged profit of the bookmaker from the rates. This suggests that the real probability of passing your forecast may be higher (or lower) than the odds initially indicate. It violates the strict probabilities of outcomes, since the sum of the probabilities of all the options becomes higher than 100% by the amount of the margin. 

Many bookmakers offer users all kinds of bonuses. Remember that every bonus offered to you is still a means of earning for the office. 

When looking for the next matches to bet, use one of the suggested odds calculation options. And also, do not forget that each cafe has a percentage of the passage.For example, the championship of England, the Premier League, the match “Liverpool” - “Manchester United”. Liverpool win 3.05, draw 4.5, Manchester United win 2. Liverpool's chance of winning is 100 / 3.05 = 33.8%. The chance of a draw is 22.2%. The probability that the match will be taken by United is 50%. Every league, every cup obeys this odds rule. 

Now you know a little more about how odds are calculated for football and other sports betting. Study in detail the championship or cup you are going to bet on. Also, study the rating of the bookmakers to choose the one that gives the best odds. Remember, the odds are different everywhere!