How to win and make money on bets in the bookmaker


There are only two methods that allow you to consistently make remote money on bets. These are forks and value-betting. Everything in science - only these methods have a positive mathematical expectation. Everything else is either a guessing game leading to a minus in the distance due to the bookmaker's margin, or simply an inadequate system, or has long been covered up by the bookmaker's rules.

Methods that will NOT help you make money

First, let's talk about popular methods that you definitely won't earn. Yes, you can get lucky and you will win for a while. In rare cases. perhaps even a long time - weeks or a couple of months. But in the future, you will inevitably come to bankruptcy if you stick to these methods.

  • Predicting the outcomes 

If you are trying to make predictions for the most probable outcome or total, without relying on the odds set by the bookmaker, then this will not lead you to a profit in the bookmaker. Determining the most likely outcome works well for broadcasters and commentators, but in regular betting this is not applicable. This does not work in isolation from the offered odds and leads to the gradual consumption of the bankroll by the bookmaker's margin. 

For example, football, upcoming EURO 2021 match, Turkey - Italy. Who is more likely to win? The Italians, of course. If we conduct a public opinion poll on the street, most people will give predictions for the victory of the second team. The same majority of opinion leaders, bloggers and journalists are convinced of this. And they are absolutely right! The bookmakers think in the same way, the victory of Italy is offered for the odds of only 1.53.


But in betting, just guessing the result is not enough. The opposite of guessing is value betting, which will be discussed below.

  • A haphazard game on a whim 

A game without a clearly structured strategy, both game and financial, will also sooner or later empty your account. If a player bets on all matches in a row - football, tennis, table tennis, squash, cricket, e-sports... including sports that are poorly versed in, especially live - he is doomed to a quick drain. 

This also includes bets on matches without a clear financial strategy on a whim - here I decided to bet half the pot, lost, got scared, bet 10%, won, again charged 40% on the "sure bet". This is also a path to the inevitable quick drain. 

A lot of financial strategies have been invented, some of them are adequate (varieties of flat, Miller's strategy, Kelly criterion), some are not very good (catch-up and other progressive strategies). The next section is about catching up, but it's better to use it than not stick to any plan at all.

  • Dogon and other progressions 

Dogon and its many varieties is a strategy that involves changing the size of the bet depending on the result of the previous bet. Classic catch-up - playing at odds of about 2.00 and doubling the size of the bet on each loss. When you have won, it is recommended to return to the original bet.