Rugby betting - how to make predictions for matches and earn


Rugby is a spectacular and interesting sport with a rich history. He, like many others, originated in England. Rugby is very popular in Britain, as well as in Australia and New Zealand, former British colonies. In Russia, it is still only gaining its fans among fans of sports betting.

What is rugby?

Rugby is a fast-paced power ball game, a relative of soccer and the progenitor of American football. The essence of the game is to score points by bringing an oval ball into the opponent's scoring area, or by hammering it into a huge U-shaped goal. Scoring points are also awarded for some other standard situations on the pitch. Whoever scored more points in a match won.

Effective actions in rugby:

  1. 5 points are given for a "try" - the ball is skidded into the opponent's scoring area;
  2. 5 points are given for a "free try" - an attempt thwarted by the rudeness of the opponents;
  3. 3 points are given for a realized free kick from the place of violation of the rules;
  4. 2 points are awarded for "conversion" - a goal scored into the goal after a try or free attempt;
  5. 3 points are given for a "drop-goal" - a goal scored against the opponent's goal from the field. You can only punch it with your foot and only after the ball bounces off the field.

There are two teams of 15 players - 8 attacking and 7 defensive. There are varieties of rugby where there are fewer players - 13 or 7 per team. The match takes place on a grass field measuring 100 by 70 meters. The center is highlighted on the field, from where the game begins. Also highlighted are 22-meter sectors on each side in front of the off-field scoring areas.

The rugby match time is 80 minutes with a break of 5-10 minutes between the two halves. In case of a draw, extra time is played - two ten-minute halves.

Differences between rugby and American football

Rugby is very similar to American football. However, they have more differences than similarities. It is obvious that rugby, formed already at the beginning of the 19th century, came to America, and by the middle of the 19th century it was transformed there into an amfoot. But since then, football, unlike rugby, has undergone major changes, and today it is a completely different sport.

Key differences:

  1. Field size. The rugby field is much wider and longer;
  2. Number of players. There are 15 people in rugby, 11 in football;
  3. Protective equipment. She's noticeably more impressive in the amphut;
  4. Match time. 80 minutes in rugby and 60 clean in amphute;
  5. In rugby, you cannot pass forward with your hands, but in amphut it is a standard start of a combination;
  6. The scoring system is very different;
  7. In rugby, you cannot attack player not in possession of the ball, there are no such restrictions in American football;
  8. Some differences in the characteristics of the ball for play.

All this leads to another important difference: rugby is much more dynamic. Amfoot is divided into segments, there are constant stops, pauses, and the rugby match is more like a football match - it continues systematically with rare and short breaks.

How do I place rugby bets?

First of all, it should be borne in mind that rugby is a contact and traumatic sport. Therefore, it is necessary to find reliable sources of information about the injuries of the players and the current line-ups.

The competition is held outdoors, therefore, weather conditions are of great importance in determining the result and total of the match. Be sure to check the weather forecast for the start time of the match at the venue. Indeed, in rugby, matches are never postponed or canceled because of rain or strong winds.

In rugby, there is a wide range of points for effective actions. For this reason, it is very difficult to predict the handicaps and totals. It is much safer to start with the outcomes and work your way up to the rest of the list as you gain experience.

Otherwise, the analysis of rugby is very similar to other, more popular sports. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the tournament, the motivation of the teams, the current form, personal meetings against the opponent, the calendar of games and the schedule, game statistics and other factors. The more input the bettor takes into account, the more accurate the distance result will be.

Where to place rugby bets?

The best legal Russian rugby bookmakers are without a doubt 1X Bet and Melbet. Their list sometimes reaches almost 1000 outcomes for the events of major tournaments, and every bettor will find suitable options for a bet. Also a good rugby line is offered by large bookmakers - Marathonbet, Parimatch, Pin-Up, Betboom and others.