Unusual sports betting and where to find them


More recently, the lines of Russian bookmakers were full of unusual betting options - on politics, weather, cultural events and events from the life of celebrities. But now the legal bookmakers in Russia are prohibited from offering such bets and they are limited by the scope of official sports. Today we'll talk about what unusual bets can be found in international bookmakers.

Where can I find unusual rates?

As we have already found out, they no longer exist in Russian offices. The pinnacle of exoticism in the legal segment of the Russian Federation is the markets for long-term bets on tournament winners, and the section for exclusive bets in the Tennisi betting shop.

Betting like “Ben Simmons will play his first match in 21/22 for Philadelphia” or “The number of matches in which Alania will score 5 or more goals in the FNL 21/22 championship” really look unusual against the background of the line of other bookmakers. But at the same time, they are all related only to sports, and bets on non-sports topics can be found only in international companies.

In this regard, English bookmakers are ahead of the whole planet, they have the most common unusual betting formats. According to English law, everyone can offer the bookmaker absolutely any bet, and the bookmaker is obliged to consider this offer and give out the odds on it. Unless, of course, it is contrary to the law or common sense, which also often happens.

Examples of unusual rates in international bookmakers

For example, in the world-famous British office Bet365, you can bet on politics - the results of elections in different countries, the total number of coalition seats in parliament, the name of the next party leader, and much more. Also, this company offers a line on events from the life of the royal family.

One of the best lines for politics in the world is offered by 1Xbet:

Here you can almost always bet on political events in a couple of dozen countries, including such exotic countries as New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Ireland and North Korea.

Offshore betting company “Melbet” offers to place bets on the air temperature at the airports of the world:

Almost all major world airports are available here, you can set on the temperature ranges on a separate day, as well as on the exact temperature value. Betting on the weather is not uncommon in world bookmakers. In some offices, you can bet on the total degrees of the frosty day of winter, snowfall on New Year's Eve, the level of precipitation and even atmospheric pressure.

Professional bookmaker Pinnacle offers to bet on which company will be the first to send a human expedition to Mars. Elon Musk is a big favorite here, but there are other contenders. There is also a funny market in the Pinky specials section: “Will the Earth be flat before 2025.” By the way, the odds for the “Yes” option are frighteningly low - only 34.00.

Bookmaker Ladbrokes has a whole section with special bets. Among other things, there you can find such bets as: “who will play the next James Bond movie,” “who will win the Oscar,” the results of the Nobel Prize, as well as bets on Eurovision and other popular television and film events.

BC Smarkets gives a line on whether the wearing of masks on public transport in the UK will be mandatory before the New Year. As you can see, the probability is very high. In general, Smarkets has one of the best lines for non-sporting events - they accept bets on hundreds of markets around the world.

All the same 1Xbet offers a line of special bets on events from the life of celebrities. Among them: “Who will meet with Bill Gates next?”. The favorite in this race is Anne Winblood with odds of 5.00, and the outsider is Queen Elizabeth II of England, who are quoted at 914.00.

You can also bet on who will be the next Pope, who will marry or get married first, what sports team Mike Cannon-Brooks will acquire next, which city will take first place in the ranking for quality of life, and much more.

Pros and cons of unusual bets

The main advantage is that unusual bets are great fun and add variety to the harsh betting routine. Such bets can be considered as a long-term investment. If you have some kind of insider knowledge or good analytical skills, then you can bet on huge, and most importantly, valuable odds.

There are also disadvantages, of course. Calculation of unusual rates will take a long time - sometimes for months, and sometimes for years. And over such a long period of time, many events can happen that affect the chosen outcome. This makes unusual markets very difficult to predict. That is also understood by bookmakers who put space margins in them.