Synthetic bets and betting constructor in bookmaker


Synthetic betting is a relatively new direction in betting, and not all bookmakers offer them. Today we will figure out what it is in general, and what types of synthetic bets and constructors can be found in the bookmakers we are used to.

What are synthetic bets

The exact definition of this term, in fact, does not exist. But we can say that this is a set of bets made by the bettor on his own, including using non-existent or alternative events. Next, we will look at specific examples and everything will become much clearer.

Bet constructor from “Marathonbet”

In legal Russian bookmakers, this type of betting is prohibited, so you can only find a constructor in the offshore version of the bookmaker ( The easiest option is to choose one team from two different matches, and get a synthetic line for their virtual confrontation. For example, we have chosen the first teams from the matches “Rukh” – “Dynamo” (Brest) and “Smorgon” – “Minsk” in the Belarusian football championship.

The bookmaker automatically created a line for this synthetic match “Rukh” – “Smorgon”. Moreover, not only the main and double outcomes are available here, but also the line of odds and totals. Accordingly, to pass the A1(-1.5) bet, “Rukh” must score two goals more in their game than “Smorgon”, and to pass the BO (2.5), these teams must score 3 or more for two goals in their matches.


Partially similar bets can be found in some legal bookmakers that offer the so-called “alternative matches” - “BetCity”, “1X Bet”, “Tennis”, “Melbet”. Also, in some offices there are markets for comparing indicators (goals or other effective actions) of two specific players, from one match or from different ones.

But there, as a rule, only comparisons of teams or players in pairs are presented, and in the constructors you can create your own teams from several clubs at once, and even from different sports, which will be discussed below.


For example, we add the “English Sheffield United” to the company to “Rukh”, and we will strengthen the second team with “Hansa” and “Toulouse”. The coefficients will be recalculated automatically and we will get a new line, taking into account the change in the strength and chances of the teams. In total, up to five clubs from different games can be added to each team.

Also in the “Marathon” there is a similar offer for tennis. In the tennis constructor, in the same way, you can add up to five athletes to each team, and bets are calculated based on the sets won by each player in their matches. The margin in both designers is quite acceptable, in the region of 5-6%. For some small market matches, it even turns out to be more profitable than in the standard line of these games.

Bet constructor from 1XBet

Similarly, there is no constructor in the legal “1XBet”, it is available only in the offshore version of 1XBet. The principle here is the same as in the “Marathon” - two teams, each of which can recruit several (no more than five) participants from different matches. But there are also significant differences.

Firstly, in addition to football and tennis, hockey is also added here. And secondly, teams can be formed even by participants from different sports. That is, in the first team we choose a tennis player and a football team, and in the second - a hockey team and participants in a doubles tennis match.

The proposed line here is also more varied than in “Marathon”. In addition to the main outcomes, handicaps and totals, you can bet on the exact number of “goals” (pucks, sets) in a synthetic match, on a three-way total, as well as on the combined “outcome + total” market. But the 1X margin, unlike “Marathon”, is not encouraging. It reaches here up to 20%, which makes the use of their constructor not particularly appropriate.

Bet constructor from BET365

These are not entirely synthetic bets, but the offer is quite interesting and unique, at least in the market of Russian legal bookmakers. The BET365 bet builder is available both on the offshore and on the Russian version of the site.

Its essence is that it is possible to select several outcomes from one match and combine them into a kind of express with a single coefficient. You can choose, for example, the combination “outcome + total + both teams to score + goal scorer”. More exotic markets are also available for selection - “exact number of goals”, “exact goal difference”, “clean sheet”, “time / match”, “correct score”, “half with more goals”. As well as totals and odds on corners, and many other markets.

Bet Builder offer is valid for Football, Tennis, Basketball, American Football and Australian Football. You can combine up to 12 outcomes within one match. For the bet to play, you need to guess the results of absolutely all the selected outcomes.

How to use constructors and synthetic rates

Constructors provide players with additional options. So, the BET365 constructor allows you to hit a huge jackpot from one match if it is perfectly analyzed and guessed. There you can collect a coefficient of up to several thousand, and at the same time, all outcomes are somehow related to each other.

Constructors from "Marathon" and 1X are also very curious. Anything can happen in one single match, but if you have a whole team of your favorites, then they have a decent chance of winning than if you take all of them individually. It can also be useful if you have watched five matches at once, but there is not much money. Then you can combine them in the constructor and make a single bet on one synthetic match.

The margin factor is also important. In “Betka”, no additional fees are charged for creating an in-match parlay. On the contrary, sometimes the coefficient is even higher than it should be.

For example, in a match between CSKA and “Zenit”, 1.72 is offered for the second team to win, and 1.70 for both teams to score. In theory, the betting odds for these outcomes should be 2.92 (1.7 x 1.72), but in the constructor, the bookmaker offers 3.40, which is much more profitable.

“Marathon” also has an excellent margin level for the constructor of 5-6%, if you play unpopular matches, it will be even more profitable to place them there than on the standard line. In 1X, the margin bites and reaches 20%, but there are additional sports and markets.

But first of all, synthetic bets are a way to diversify the betting routine and brighten up leisure time in an unusual way. At one time, the exemplary bet constructor was in the blue “Fonbet”. There you could even create your own teams from players from individual clubs in several sports, combine different statistical indicators. Almost a full-fledged fantasy sports emulator, only for money and with a good margin. But, unfortunately, the blue “Fonbet” closed, and in red, such types of bets are limited by russian law. So today we have reviewed all the offers of offices at synthetic rates that are relevant at the end of 2021.