Arbitrators and bonus hunters - who are they at bookmakers?


Arbitrators and bonus hunters are players who use some loopholes in the work of bookmakers to make a profit. Today we will analyze how they do it, what arbs and bonus hunting are in general, and also give advice on these two areas of earning money in a bookmaker's office.

Who are the arbers?

Arbitrators earn in bookmakers on arbitrage situations (arbs). You can read more about what forks are in our other materials, we will not repeat ourselves much here, we will consider only the very essence.


Arb - a situation in which you can block all outcomes of an event and get a plus for any result of the match. A classic example: two different bookmakers give odds higher than two for a match of two approximately equal basketball teams.


If you put in one office on "Unix", and in another - on the victory of "Zenith", then the total earnings will be 3.7% of the sum of both rates. It would seem that 3.7% is not very much, but it is a guaranteed profit for any outcome of the match. And if you consider that this is the Euroleague, that is, a full-fledged bigmarket, then you can bet on these outcomes a lot - several hundred thousand rubles and even more.

This is what arbers do - they look for similar arbitrage situations and place bets on them, earning a certain percentage from each transaction. Forks can be not only for two outcomes and not only for team wins. A player can bet three or more initial surebets on any sports and markets - football, tennis, e-sports, totals, handicaps, both will score, and so on. The main thing is that all the outcomes are blocked and the profit from the bets remains. You can find out the details of all surebets nuances in our article about forks.

How arbers find arbitrage situations?

It is possible to do it manually, although this is the slowest and most ineffective way, and it also requires certain skills. You can use free services for finding surebets, but there, as a rule, only the lowest profitable options (up to 1%) are given, and even those with a delay.

The fastest and most effective way is to use special scanners of surebets that find the most tasty arbitrage situations online, but there you need to pay for a subscription, often not the cheapest.

Arbitrary bets can be prematch and live, and arbitrageurs can also combine these methods with forks such as prematch live. Prematch surebets are already a thing of the past, since the profit from them is much less, on average, 1-5% from one arbitrage situation.


Live surebets are gaining popularity now. Modern scanners (for example, are able to monitor the lines of hundreds of bookmakers simultaneously in dozens of sports right during matches, and issue surebets with a yield of 20% per transaction and even more. Arbers have to work much faster in live than in prematch, but it's worth it.


What does a surebet need to get started?

To begin with, the player must study this topic very well. The materials on surebets from the “Articles” section of our site will help him a lot in this. There you can find several detailed articles that will give a general understanding of arbitration situations, what to expect, what to prepare for, and what to expect. Without a deep dive into the topic, it is better not to start the game with arbitrage.

Second, you need a good starting bank. There is nothing to do without a bankroll, neither in betting in general, nor in arbitrage, in particular. TOP arbers operate with huge amounts, allocating only 1-2% of all funds for each surebet, and earn on a large turnover. In addition, there are also associated costs - scanner, drops, anonymization. But we recommend for beginners to start with a small starting bank, and gradually increase it as they gain experience in arbitration.

Third, you need to stock up on accounts in different bookmakers. The very minimum is one account in two different bookmakers, often forked among themselves, but this is only for the very beginning. Experienced arbers work in at least a dozen offices, and have several accounts in each of them in reserve.

It is necessary to study another related topic - anonymization on the Internet, as well as to prepare in advance the sources for obtaining game accounts, or sets of documents for them. You will need a lot of accounts - bookmakers identify and block up to several accounts per day from active arbers.

In general, bookmakers seriously oppose arbitrageurs, trying in every way to complicate their activities. Therefore, the options for countering their methods should also be thoroughly studied and thought out before starting work.

After that, you can subscribe to a good surebets scanner, and you can start working - bet on your first arbitrage situations. In short, this is the essence of the work of arbers in bookmakers. If you are interested in this topic, then visit the website of the fastest and most technologically advanced surebets scanner

How relevant is it to be a surebetter in 2021?

Let's just say - much less relevant than in 2001. At the beginning of the 21st century, gamblers were making millions of fortunes on forks, buying mansions and apartments in the center of Moscow. In the early 10s, it was still possible to earn a good car for a year with surebets.

Every year the situation with this type of bets only worsened. But now forks are experiencing a rebirth, thanks to the emergence of the opportunity to arbitrage in live. Live surebets are much less noticeable to the bookmaker's security service and bring much higher earnings per transaction. Those who have mastered this new technology are doing quite well now.

Traditional pre-match surebets are already living out their days and will soon become history. But in general, earnings on surebets will not die as long as there is competition between bookmakers, that is, never. The total earnings of a surebet player strongly depend on the size of his playing bankroll, experience, quality of working tools and time devoted to work.

Who are bonus hunters and what is bonus hunting?

Bonus hunters (from the English bonus hunting) are engaged in hunting for bonuses in bookmakers. Bookmakers, in order to attract players, offer various bonuses for registration and replenishment of the account. One bonus, as a rule, is given to one person only, and is associated with many conditions. For example - wagering in a short time with a high wager, limiting the maximum bet amount, limiting the minimum coefficient when betting on bonus money.

What bonuses can you get in 2021 in the bookmaker's office:

  1. The first deposit bonus is the most generous cash bonus, but it almost always has very difficult wagering requirements;
  2. No deposit signup bonus - usually a very modest amount that can only be used to place a bet;
  3. Free bet or bet insurance - individual offers for risk-free bets from bookmakers for players in certain sports;
  4. Cashback - a small percentage of lost funds for the period that is returned to the player's account;
  5. Loyalty programs - bonus points awarded for the player's activity and his turnover of funds from bets. Points can be exchanged for some preferences in the bookmaker's office (increased odds, bonus for express, free bet) or for material prizes.

It is for these bonuses that bonus hunters are hunting. First of all, for first deposit bonuses. They offer decent amounts, in some offices you can get a bonus of up to 50,000 rubles on a bonus account. After the wagering procedure, they can be withdrawn to the main cash account, and from there - to a bank card or electronic wallet.

The problem is to wager them quickly and correctly. The most common way to play is with surebets, which we discussed in the first part of the article.

How is this done?

  1. In one bookmaker's office, a bonus hunter bets P1 for 2.05 for 30,000 bonus rubles.
  2. In the second office, he wagers on P2 for 2.05 for 30,000 real rubles.

As a result, the player either receives a net winnings in the second office, or wins back the bonus in the first, replenishing his already real account in it. Plus, he earns a little on the fork. In order to win back the bonus, you can make surebets at zero or even a small minus, setting odds like 1.97 to 1.97. This way, part of the earnings will be lost on the margin, but considering that half of the investments are bonus (free) money, it turns out to be very profitable.

You can also increase your level in loyalty programs with surebets or get a good monthly cashback. The rest of the bonuses are not so interesting, because they are not very generous. The average bonus there is about 500-1000 rubles, and even those give with separate conditions.

What a bonus hunter needs to get started?

First of all, you need to learn by heart the rules of bookmakers, which relate to the receipt, wagering and withdrawal of bonus funds to the main account. Each office has its own, and all their nuances need to be understood very well. Most offices do not control clients at the stage of wagering the bonus, but when it comes time to pay out to the main account, they find fault with every little thing.

Bonus hunters, like arbers, constantly need new accounts in bookmakers. To begin with, you can open an account on your data with all reliable bookmakers, but after the first round, you will need to open all new accounts for other people. And also take care of the issues of anonymization on the Internet so that bookmakers do not block new accounts for multi-accounting.

This type of activity also requires a solid starting bankroll, because you will need to make the first deposits to bookmakers for the maximum amount. And this is 20-50 thousand rubles for one bookmaker. Plus, the same part should be kept in reserve for wagering bonuses with real money. Plus, the associated costs for drops, virtual machines, paid proxies, and so on.

How relevant is it to be a bonus hunter in 2021?

Again, everything has changed a lot over the past couple of decades, and even over the last 7-8 years, the situation with bonus hunting has gotten worse. And it keeps getting worse every year. Bookmakers do not like bonus hunters as much as arbers, and cut their opportunities for earning in any way, and the bonuses themselves are becoming more scarce and overgrown with new conditions.

At the dawn of internet betting, the offices were simply fabulous in their generosity bonuses. There was no need to win them back, at first there was no need to even bet at all. The player could just immediately withdraw them to his account and spend.

The amounts of bonuses were also much more impressive than they are now. In addition, nothing had to be verified and confirmed, and the ability of bookmakers to identify multi-accounts was very limited. A new account was created to a new e-mail in five minutes, and the next portion of bonuses was ready for withdrawal.

In those days, bonus hunters earned themselves for new apartments and houses in a year or two, even 8-10 years ago you could still make good money on bonuses. But now, of course, everything is different. This profession is dying, and in 2021 it will only be possible to pick up crumbs of former super profits.

Now bonus hunting can be viewed only as a kind of additional income to work on surebets or standard value betting. The bonus hunter's earnings directly depend on the amount of funds invested in the company, and on the amount of time that the player devotes to finding and wagering new bonuses in the bookmaker's office.