Futsal bets


What is futsal? How is it different from futsal? Where to place futsal bets and how to do it right. We will talk about all this in our today's material.

What is futsal?

Many people confuse it with futsal, even bookmakers often classify them in the same line category. But still it is a separate, independent sport, which is regulated by its sports organization AMF - the International Futsal Federation. While futsal competitions are still held under the auspices of FIFA, which also oversees big football.

In an amateur format, this game has been around for almost a hundred years since the 30s of the twentieth century. Since the 80s of the last century, the world futsal championships have been held. In 2002, a separate organization AMF appeared. And in 2020, this sport is included in the program of the Youth Olympic Games.

What is the difference between futsal and futsal?

Both of these disciplines are played in an indoor hall with feet on the ball. In both disciplines, four field players and a goalkeeper can be on the court at the same time. In both sports, two halves of twenty minutes are played with a break of fifteen minutes between them. In general, both sports are similar to football and to each other, but there are a number of key differences.

  1. In these disciplines, the ball and court are of different sizes - in futsal the ball is larger in diameter (64-66 centimeters versus 62-64 in futsal) and lighter (330-360 grams versus 420-440 in futsal), and the size of the court is two meters wider and longer.

  1. In futsal, contacts are allowed, you can tackle and wage a power struggle. Indoor football prohibits tackles (they are allowed only for the goalkeeper), and after excessive contact the referee's whistle will sound.

  1. In futsal, the ball from a corner kick and kick-out is kicked in, while futsal is played only with feet.

  1. When a player is sent off in futsal (if a blue card is shown), the team may release another player to replace him. In futsal, there is no blue card, if a player receives a red or two yellow cards, then he is sent off for two minutes and his team plays in the minority (like in hockey).

  1. The goalkeeper in futsal can work with the ball for an unlimited time after a pass from his player, but the team is obliged to move to the opponent's half within 15 seconds. In futsal, the goalkeeper is limited to just one touch and four seconds of time.

  1. Penalties in futsal are shot from nine meters, and in futsal - from ten.

In general, it is obvious that mini-football and futsal are different games, although they are very similar to each other. Recently, initiatives have become more frequent, according to which they want to unite them in Russia, but at the international level they will remain different sports disciplines, while they are regulated by different organizations.

Futsal betting at bookmakers

Many Russian bookmakers have futsal lines. The best offers, traditionally, are among the leaders in painting: BC "1X Stavka" and "Melbet". In these offices, you can even find a list of over 100 outcomes per match.

Among the outcomes there are not only standard wins, handicap, totals and IT lines, but also exact scores, races to N goals, half-time scoring, first and last goal, exact goal difference, half / match, half-time list and other markets. Also, a good line for this sport is offered by the BC "Marafonbet", "Parimatch", Pin-Up, Betboom, "Betcity", "Bet365" and others.


You have to understand that this is a one hundred percent smallmarket, with all the disadvantages that result from it - weak list, unstable odds, high margins and low limits. The margin even in the best bookmakers starts from 7% on the main line, and the limits rarely exceed 2-3 thousand rubles per bet.


How to bet on futsal?

In addition to high margins and low limits, another disadvantage of futsal betting is the small amount of statistics to analyze. In Russia, there are practically no large portals devoted to this discipline, and to search on foreign sites, you need knowledge of foreign languages. But there are also pluses - bookmakers are not very strong in this discipline, therefore, having plunged into it enough, you can find a lot of value bets.

Due to the permission of full contact in futsal and the small number of players on the field, injuries and losses in team lineups are of great importance. The figures of the goalkeeper and the main striker play a special role. It is very important to keep track of information on the statuses of the main (and even minor) players.

Total over bets

Championships suitable for TO betting:

  1. Belgium;
  2. Czech Republic;
  3. Netherlands;
  4. Hungary;
  5. Lower Russian leagues.

It is best to bet live when one of the teams concedes no more than two balls and has a chance to win back. In such cases, the goalkeeper often starts attacking, and the chances of a goal in both directions increase.

Total under bets

For bets on TM, the highest Russian league (Super League), as well as the championships of Brazil and Spain are best suited. The average scoring of these championships is about five goals per game. The best moment to place a bet is live, when there are no more than five minutes left and the match is heading towards a draw. In such cases, the teams most often finish the game without much aggravation and the bet on TU is justified.

Betting tactics on wins and handicaps in futsal

A good situation for implementing this strategy is expiring matches, in which there is a clear favorite and an outsider, but the goal difference is only 1-2 goals. According to statistics, very often in such games the score changes decently in one direction or another. Either the lagging team snatches a draw / victory, or the leaders score a couple more goals, removing all questions about the winner of the meeting. In such endings, a lot is decided by how good the goalkeeper of the lagging team is in attacking actions.