Scanner for arbs


Let's talk about arb scanners. What is it in general and how to choose the right arb scanner. Now there are a lot of offers on the market and they differ greatly both in price and in their capabilities. What to look for to make sure the arb scanner is useful and not prohibitively expensive? Let's figure it out today.

What is arbs?

Arbs are arbitrage situations that allow you to make money on quotes from different bookmakers practically without risks. We have already discussed surebets in other materials - there you can find detailed calculations, with examples, calculations, formulas, how bookmakers relate to this, how much players earn, etc.

Here is the simplest example of arb:

A basketball match between two roughly equal teams. Bookmakers disagreed. One bookmaker has set the first team as the favorite, and gives the second team a coefficient of 2.20, taking into account overtime. Another bookmaker offers 2.20 for the first team to win.

If the players place bets of 25,000 rubles (50,000 in total) on the victory of each team in these two offices, they will receive a payment of 55,000 rubles (25,000 x 2.20) in one of them for any outcome of the event. That is, they will earn + 10% of the transaction amount in one match. This is called an arb or arbitrage situation.

What is an arb scanner?

Arb scanners are modern technological services that search for these very arbitrage situations. They monitor online the lines of hundreds of bookmakers, look for such discrepancies in the odds and offer their clients to place bets and earn on them.

In general, this is a wonderful thing and any arbitrage specialist sooner or later realizes that with arbs betting scanner will become an order of magnitude faster, more convenient and more profitable. But not all surebet scanners are equally useful. Some are already outdated, others just pretend to be cool, others are inadequately expensive. Considering that there are already dozens (if not hundreds) of scanners on the market and new ones are constantly appearing, it can be difficult to figure it out.

After reading this material to the end, you will be able to understand arbs scanners much easier. You won't overpay (and the subscription price of some scanners sometimes reaches $ 600+ per month), don't buy unnecessary options or just useless junk, and don't get into outright fraud.

What to look for when buying arbs scanner subscription?

The first rule is that there are no good free arb scanners. There are free options, but they are either slow or find very few arbs. Such a service is offered by the famous Oddsportal website, but it is not even close to the level of paid scanners. In addition, many people make bets on arbs from free access, as a result of which they die quickly, and bookmakers easily calculate arbs accounts for a large number of bets on the same outcomes.

Many scanners offer low-profit arbs for free (usually up to 1%), moreover, with a delay, so it is not possible to make money with their help. But it is quite possible to evaluate the scanner, general usability, and other parameters.

Also, some scanners (for example, the AllBestBets service, Betspan) offer a short free trial of the full version, which is quite enough to appreciate all the advantages of working with them. But absolutely free (and at the same time acceptable in quality) service does not exist, do not look for freebies.

The second point: you should not trust your money to completely fresh projects. They are now sprouting like mushrooms after rain, let them brew. There are many scanners on the market that have been working for 3-5 years and even more. They have a reputation, numerous user reviews and reviews on independent resources. Check out our ranking of arbs scanners, check out projects on other sites, and pick someone with a solid reputation.

Third – carefully check the scanner yourself for accuracy, bugs and issuance errors. Sometimes the scanner draws profitable arbs that don't really exist. Some projects sin by carelessly treating the names of leagues and teams, ignoring the rules that bookmakers have regarding the calculation of bets. This can lead to a loss of money for the client.

If, for example, you bet on a tennis match in two offices with different rules for calculating tennis bets, you can get a sudden loss if one of the athletes is withdrawn from the match due to injury. In the first office (where you bet on the opponent of a retired athlete), you will receive a return, and in the second, a loss.

Or another situation - two different events take place at the same time: two teams with the same names play, for example, Dynamo from Kiev and from Moscow. The scanner issues a fat fork: W1 to Dynamo Kiev, and X2 to Dynamo Moscow's opponent. The client quickly goes over and places bets, and as a result, he can get a loss on both leverage.

Specifications for arbs scanners

  1. Live mode
  2. Number of bookmakers
  3. Number of sports and markets
  4. Scanning speed
  5. Additional services

1) The main technical characteristic of the arbs scanner today is the presence of the live mode, that is, scanning the lines during matches. Live covers the most profitable bets on arbs, some services even close the prematch direction and completely switch to live mode (Positivebet service). But not every scanner knows how to work with live. This requires a completely different level of computing power, a live parser is much more difficult to organize and more expensive to maintain.

Live scanner subscriptions are quite expensive (although there are exceptions), but they are worth it, because the profit from live arbs is also significantly higher. In addition, live arbs are much less noticeable for the bookmaker's security service, and accounts there live longer than usual, which reduces the costs of the affiliate.

2) The second technical characteristic is bookmakers whose lines are parsed by a scanner. The more there are, the more arbs the scanner is able to find, and the higher the profit from working with it. An excellent indicator for 2021 is considered to be about 100 bookmakers. It is important that all bookmakers are included in a single subscription price, because some scanners (for example, Arbmate) cheat and “sell” additional bookmakers for separate money.

3) The third technical characteristic is the number of sports and markets scanned. Here it is worth making a reservation about this. In fact, three dozen sports and all the markets for them are not so necessary. You can't put much on an unpopular sport, such as pesapallo or squash, and bookmakers can very easily identify bets on such surebets. But TOP sports - football, hockey, tennis, basketball, volleyball, handball, e-sports, table tennis, baseball, MMA - are a very desirable kit. The more sports and markets the scanner parses, the more you can earn by placing bets on arbs.

4) The speed at which line scanning is performed is another important service. In prematch arbitrage, this is not a critical parameter, but in live, surebets live very little and here every second counts. Leading scanners boast processing speeds of less than a second, with an average time of 1-5 seconds.

5) Additional services offered by the scanner. Many scans are looking not only for arbs, but offer additional opportunities for their users to earn money. For example, they are looking for bets on middles, anticorridors, value rates.

Some scanners develop special browser extensions that allow you to go directly to the site of the selected bookmaker in the bet slip. And so that bookmakers do not notice the fact of the transition from the arb scanner.

Some of them have a service of "accounting" in the package of services - accounting of all bets made by players through the scanner, displaying balance, turnover, statistics and other bet metrics. Someone develops other services - their own software shells for the most convenient arbitration, a high-tech calculator.

Let's talk about the price

Well, one more important characteristic, but not a technical one, is the price. The cost of a subscription varies greatly by market and can range from one and a half to forty thousand rubles per month. Sometimes the high price is justified by the quality of the scanner. For example, the AllBestBets service, a recognized market leader - it is their full package that costs almost 40 thousand a month, but many players believe that it is worth it.

Sometimes the overpriced is due to the orientation towards a western, richer audience, like, for example, at Rebelbetting. They ask for a subscription of 280 euros per month, despite the fact that they do not even provide live functionality. Separate scanners provide services in portions - one price tag for prematch, another for live, plus additional services for a separate price list. And in some places (Arbmate service) you have to pay separately for each bookmaker.

And sometimes arb scanners focus on turnover and reduce the price in order to get as many customers as possible. This is the case, for example, of BreakingBet, which asks for its services only 18 euros per month. Moreover, this price includes not only prematch and live arbs, but also value bets. The quality and scanning speed of this scanner is slightly lower than that of competitors, they parse lines of a smaller number of BC and offer fewer sports, but still the difference in price more than compensates for this qualitative difference.


When choosing arbs scanner, it is most reasonable to focus on value for money. There is no point in overpaying 25 times, unless you are firmly convinced that you need this particular scanner. And if this service, moreover, is able to more than compensate you for this cost.

To start working with arbs, we would recommend the BreakingBet service - everyone has 18 euros. For this money, you will receive sufficient functionality in order to assess your prospects in the field of arbitrage bets. When you feel that you are ready to move to the next level, you can already connect expensive options, for example, PositiveBet or ABB.