FIFA esports betting


Esports betting has been steadily gaining popularity over the past couple of years. Now it is already difficult to imagine a bookmaker's office that does not have a couple of eSports disciplines in its line. Cyber ​​football in this sense is no exception, and almost all world bookmakers gladly accept bets on it.

FIFA history

FIFA is the world's most popular soccer simulator from EA Sports. In the first versions of the game on personal computers, many skated back at the end of the last century. The first game of the series was released back in 1993, already in 1995 it captured the whole world, and since then it has been updated annually, in accordance with the current graphics capabilities and the position of the teams.

Despite the presence of rather serious competitors (for example, PES) and other sports computer games, FIFA from year to year remains the most demanded and downloaded sports simulator in the world.

In FIFA, absolutely everything is taken into account - the composition of the teams, their position in the standings, the indicators of individual players, coaches and referees - everything is as close to reality as possible. All this forms the in-game rating of players and teams, which affects each mini-confrontation on the football cyber field.

FIFA Betting

They were most widespread during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Almost all world sports froze and bookmakers had to find a way out. And they found it: esports sport! There are many types of e-football that have emerged, from match simulations to virtual matches and entire leagues. The quarantine has ended and the need for cyber football has disappeared, but FIFA has remained in the lines. 

But not in all. Due to Russian legislative nuances, legal bookmakers no longer accept bets on FIFA and other sports cyber disciplines. The problem is that officials in Russia cannot define the terminology in any way. What is eSports football, whether to equate it with eSports or virtual sports, where the line lies between eSports and match simulation. The most difficult questions.

But e-sports can be easily found on the offshore versions of Russian offices, as well as in other international companies. The best line on FIFA is offered by bookmakers "1Xbet", "" and "".


The first two offices have an almost identical line and FIFA is presented in it simply gorgeous: in addition to the fresh FIFA21, there are bets on the versions of the 20th and even the 18th years. You can bet on all the leading European tournaments - the championship of Spain, Italy, England, the Champions League and Europe, as well as the Copa Libertadores and other competitions. 

All this is offered only live, in a separate section. The list, as you can see in the picture, is more than a hundred outcomes per event, which not every office can boast of even in the list of a real match.


BC "" (an offshore clone of the legal office generally specializes in e-sports and could not ignore e-football. They have a simpler choice - only the 21st version is played. But everything is in perfect order with the list - more than 150 outcomes per event, and all this is offered in a prematch. In live, the painting is further expanded.

What can you bet on

Basically, these are standard football outcomes - who wins, double odds, handicap, total. Some offices also offer individual totals, exact scores, both will score, the first half. The best offices go further and give a complete list, almost like in a real match:

  • Strong-willed win; 
  • Win in N goals; 
  • Win to win; 
  • Even / odd; 
  • Time / match; 
  • OZ + outcome; {{ 1}} Total + outcome; 
  • Effective draw; 
  • In which half there are more goals; 
  • First goal.


Etc. Up to the exact scores for N minutes, bets on yellow and red cards, corners, penalties, which players will score goals. And absolutely exotic markets, like "both teams will score in both halves", which are not even given for real football everywhere.

How to put correctly

First of all, you need to distinguish between the two flavors of FIFA - an eSports match between two players and simulated matches based on the game, controlled by a computer.

Cyber ​​football betting

Here you need to pay attention to the technical readiness of athletes, how well they master the joystick and key combinations, can build strategies for the match and organize tactical schemes. Often, a stronger gamer can easily beat the middle peasant, even playing for a weaker team. 

In a match of real people, the human factor is of great importance. How the players slept, how they are tuned in to the game, what is their general motivation for the current tournament. Also, as in many individual sports, match-fixing is not uncommon here. In small tournaments, betting players can get a lot more than the prizes that still need to be reached.

For this reason, an underdog strategy and high odds are more appropriate in FIFA esports. Losing a bet with odds of 1.2 is doubly insulting.

Match simulations

Here, on the contrary, it is worth looking for patterns in the games themselves. To do this, you need to either regularly play yourself against the computer, or often watch the broadcasts of simulated games. For a long time, such patterns have been known: comebacks rarely occur in simulations, matches are more linear than in reality. It is also useful to independently run several simulations of the match you are going to bet on in order to reveal its main tendencies. 

There is no human factor in simulations. All calculations are carried out according to the algorithms of the simulator itself. Needless to say, they are strictly classified by the developer. As in most purely mathematical models, there is a tendency towards the average result. 

That is, if the average team score is 10 corners per match, and it deviates greatly from it in the season, it is worth catching the opposite trend. The same is true if the team has not won on a foreign field for a long time or has not played a draw, although it is typical for it - time to catch an away victory or a draw.

In general, in simulations you can only rely on average numbers, there are no other tips here, and all bugs and loopholes are instantly noted by the bookmaker and reflected in quotes.