Express bets - how to calculate and place a correct bet?


All about express trains. What is it, how is it calculated, varieties of express bets. Why are express bets a favorite type of betting both among bettors and bookmakers. Who is this bet for? The mathematical justification of the disadvantage of such bets, the pros and cons, how you can use the express bets correctly. All this is in our today's material.


Spoiler: The material is very detailed and voluminous. For those who are too lazy to read so many letters, they can go to the last part of the text, where in the question-answer format a squeeze of all the most important is given.


What is an express bet?

An express bet containing several outcomes. There can be two of them, or maybe forty - at the request of the bettor. The odds of the outcomes in express bets are multiplied among themselves, creating an impressive total odds. But if at least one event in the multi bet loses, the entire bet will also lose.

Express bet predictions: an example

We make predictions for football: we make bets on the outcomes of the ⅛ final of Euro 2020 - the victory of the Netherlands, F (0) on Belgium and the non-loss of Croatia in the regular time of the match. Select the "Express" bet type. As we can see, the three outcomes are combined into one bet with a total odds of 7.08. It was calculated by multiplying the odds for all outcomes: 1.64 x 1.72 x 2.51 = 7.08. With a bet amount of 10,000 rubles, and if all predictions pass, we get a payment of 70,802 rubles. But if at least one event loses, the whole engine will burn out.

Such a bet can contain selections for any sport (not just football), any league, any event and any market will do. The main thing is that the outcomes do not overlap with each other, are not interconnected.

How return outcomes are calculated in the express?

In our example, there is one bet that implies a return - this is F (0) on Belgium. In case of a draw in regular time, this bet will be refunded with odds of 1.00, but the express bet will live. If the outcomes for the other events pass, then the calculation will be as follows: 1.64 x 1 x 2.51 = 4.12 and from the bet amount of 10,000 rubles the player will receive an incomplete payment of 41,200 rubles.

Varieties of express trains

Usually, the press is named by the number of outcomes included in their composition:

  1. Predictions for two events - a double;
  2. Predictions for three events - a tee;
  3. Predictions for four events - a quadruple;
  4. Predictions for five outcomes - five;
  5. Predictions for six outcomes - six.

And so on. What else can this type of bet be called?

  1. Press is just an abbreviation for express.
  2. A steam locomotive (or chain) is a type of press in which each subsequent event begins after the end of the previous one. Below we will analyze examples of how to use such bets.
  3. Footcloth (sheet) is an express bet with a huge number of events in the lineup. The chances of such a bet entering are scanty, but they are very fond of collecting popanovs.
  4. Popanovoz is a long express, containing only predictions for “sure” outcomes of the event with scanty odds.
  5. A horizontal express bet is not, in essence, an express bet, but a string of single bets. But for each subsequent bet, the entire winnings from the previous bets are placed. Therefore, in its essence, calculations, risks, odds are the same as a steam locomotive.
  6. Combined outcomes of an event - as a rule, bookmakers do not allow adding related outcomes from one event to an express bet. But they themselves offer an alternative - combined bets, which, in their essence, are the same double or triple, only within the framework of one match. An example is in the picture below.