How to find corridors at rates


Corridors (or tunnels) are an interesting and low-risk betting strategy. It will help newcomers to keep the pot longer, and in skilled hands, middles become a very powerful tool for increasing the profitability of the game at a distance. The skill of identifying and placing corridors must be mastered by each player.

What is corridors (or tunnels)

The bottom line is to make two bets in the bookmaker in such a way as to ensure a partial return of the bet for any outcome of the match, and leave a gap between the results. This gap is called a corridor. The main difference from a surebet: if you hit the middle, you have a chance to get a win on both bet leverage. The best way to implement this strategy is a dynamic sport in which a lot of points are scored - tennis, basketball, and so on. But football and hockey are also quite realistic to use.

It's easier to understand this with specific examples:

  1. Football. Serie A. "Napoli" - "Inter". We take two bets: W1 for 2.35 in the prematch and handicap 2 (+1.5) for 2.20 in live after the first goal of the hosts. This is an example of an ideal corridor in which we will already get profit anyway. It's like a fork, but there is an additional important point: if the home team wins, BOTH bets will play. 
  2. Basketball. NBA. Boston - Houston. We take two bets in the prematch: the total is over (216.5) and the total is less (222.5) for odds of about 1.85. If 223 or more points are scored in the match, the first bet will play for us. If 216 or less, the second will play. In these cases, we will receive an almost full refund (rate x 1.85). But if we hit the total from 217 to 222 points, we will have a profit on both shoulders and a solid profit of 1.85 x 2 - 2 = 1.7 amount of the bet. 
  3. Tennis. ATP. Medvedev - Tsitsipas. As usual, we take two bets: Handicap 1 (-2.5) for games for 1.60 and Handicap 2 (+6.5) for games for 1.60. Confident victory for Medvedev from seven games or more: only the first bet will play. Win up to two games: Second bet only. If you get into the corridor from three to six games, both will play.

Unlike forks, tunnels do not guarantee profit on every bet. The point is to minimize possible losses by getting a guaranteed "cashback" in any case. And at the same time, be able to hit an impressive jackpot with an accurate hit in the range. Actually, correctly determining the most probable range is the key to success with this strategy.

Corridor value

Not all lanes are the same in value. Above is an example of an ideal lineout (#1), in which some win is guaranteed for any outcome of the match. Such corridors are valuable by definition. The value of imperfect corridors at a distance can be calculated using the formula:

Maximum win, which provides for the middle / maximum loss = Value of the middle

Let's calculate the value of the corridors in examples #2 and #3:

#2: 1.7 bets / 0.15 bets = 11.33 

 #3: 1.2 bets / 0.4 bets = 3

The higher the indicator, the more valuable the corridor. In these examples, the first corridor is much more valuable than the second, however, this is quite obvious even without calculations. The calculation will help you easily figure out how valuable the middle is when the odds and the amount of bets on the shoulders are unequal.

How to find corridors

About 15-20 years ago, you could go into two different booths located on the same street and catch an excellent profitable corridor in them. Even at the dawn of online in the early tenths, bookmakers allowed colossal holes. But now, with the development of technology, such freebies are no longer found. Bookmakers have not yet fully synchronized, but nevertheless they promptly monitor each other's quotes, avoiding such situations. 

In general, bookmakers hardly give pre-match fat corridors to sports. But in some situations it is still possible to find them. 

For example: 


  • The match hangs in the line for a very long time, a month or more. Anything can happen in a month - injuries, disqualifications, transfers, a change of coach or even the vector of team development. If you take one shoulder in a month, and the other closer to the match, it is possible to create a lineout. But for this you need to have some kind of insight or foresight. 

  • Some important detail of the game is in question. This happens regularly, for example, in the NBA, when the participation of the main star or even a number of players is unknown. In such a situation, you can take, say, a positive head start on the underdog in advance and wait for news on the status of players. You just need to have some confidence that the leaders of the favorites will not play, then before the match it will be possible to take their victory at an equal odds and create an excellent corridor. 


  • Another strategy is to play this the situation is already on the news release, it is safer. The fact is that large bookmakers - BC Pinnacle, BC SBOBet, ​​etc. - almost instantly react to such changes and change the line.And small bookmakers are not so efficient and most often there is a gap of 5-10 minutes to create a profitable corridor between a large bookmaker and a small one. 

But the most profitable and valuable corridors are caught in live or by combining prematch live. In dynamic sports, matches often take place according to a swing scenario, and in the course of the game, you can do what the bookmakers are so afraid of: ideal corridors with a profit on any outcome and double or triple profit when hitting the range.

A couple of examples:

  • Prematch live strategy. We took the prematch of the unyielding home underdog victory in the Euroleague for 3.00 at 10,000 ₽. They cheerfully lead 15 points to the big break, and now the main handicap is given to the former favorite of +7.5 points. We make an equalizing bet for the odds of 1.94 on 15 464 ₽. Now, in any case, we have a profit: at the exit from each bet there is a payout of 30,000 rubles with a bet amount of about 25,500.), we will win 60,000 rubles on both bets.

  • Live strategy. Before a match for two tennis players, bookmakers give almost equal odds. The first set is easily won by the first tennis player and her average handicap is already -5.5 games. It's time to bet her opponent's handicap +5.5 games for 1.95. If she can pick up the second set (which is implied by the logic of the initial quotes, and, in general, it regularly happens in women's tennis), then by the third game the quotes for winning will equalize again. Then it will be possible to take the victory first for the same 1.95 and get an excellent corridor of five games. The chances of getting into it will be very high.

Although live and prematch live corridors are much more profitable, they carry certain risks. For example, by placing a prematch TB, you can never wait for the coefficients on TM to become acceptable. The match can go according to the grassroots scenario and then you will have to urgently conclude an overlapping bet with a loss. Or just check the game, hoping that TB will get there. 

There are also automated ways to find corridors. These are the same fork scanners that can be configured so that they only find corridors. Most of these services show only the lowest-profit options for betting on sports in free access, leaving the most delicious to the subscribers.

List of popular scanners looking for corridors:

  • Surebet;
  • Allbestbets;
  • Positivebet;
  • Oddstorm;
  • Betspan;
  • Arbmate.

What you need to effectively create corridors

First of all, you need experience, experience and more experience. Just watching thousands of hours of sporting events will give you a subtle understanding of sport. And this, in turn, will make it possible to better predict in which direction the game may develop or the opening line may move. 

Secondly, the player should feel comfortable in live conditions, be able to quickly count and make betting decisions. Bold corridors, like surebets, do not last long and you need to quickly select the best coefficients and set them.


By the way, our BetMAX extension will help you find the best odds quickly. It can almost instantly find the best odds for the chosen outcome among dozens of bookmakers. Use it and you will always be profitable in sports betting. Moreover, not only within the framework of this strategy.


Thirdly, you need to understand that bookmakers will clearly not be delighted that the player seeks to play with low risks, and even more so, to win despite the outcome of the event. Bookmakers hate such bets a little less than surebets, but nevertheless, sooner or later, accounts in most bookmakers will be cut. And then, in order to continue working, you will have to look for a way out, create new accounts, master drops and butt for withdrawals.