Live or Prematch, choose your niche in sports betting


Live bets, according to betting market research, are chosen by more than 80% of all players. Does this mean that betting live is better? It is unlikely, because according to the same studies, 95% + of players have a negative money in the distance. So what should you choose for yourself, live or prematch?

Features of live bets

Live betting - bets on the outcomes of matches that have already begun

Live betting is very emotional in nature. They require quick decision-making, there is no place for slow-witted people in live. The financial result is often also visible almost immediately, sometimes within a couple of minutes. Emotionally, live bets are quite comparable to playing in a casino, so they are not suitable for everyone either. For example, people with poor emotional control are better off staying away from live, it can be dangerous for them.

In live bets, the odds are worse, because the margin on all outcomes is always increased. In unpopular markets, it can reach 15% in some bookmakers. It is quite difficult to kill such a commission. In addition, in live, all bookmakers reduce the limits, respectively, the potential profitability in money decreases.

In live, the turnover of bets is much higher, for an hour of a dense live session you can make more bets than in a prematch in two days. Accordingly, fatigue and risks of losing the prepared bankroll are much higher. Therefore, it is better to go live for short periods of time and with small money stacks. But on a good day, you can take off just as quickly, playing live, even with a small bank.

Another plus - in live the bettor opposes only one employee of the bookmaker's office - the live. And sometimes even against a soulless machine (computer) that makes even more mistakes. It is easier to beat them than the entire analytical department of the company, but for regular success in such bets, most bookmakers will quickly cut the account. Or it can take away part of the winnings by calculating a number of bets as a return.

Features of prematch bets

Prematch - bets placed before the start of the event

Prematch bets are much less emotional. Decisions on individual outcomes can even take weeks. You won't be able to get a quick result here either - first you need to wait for the start of the event, and then the passage of your bet. All this slows down the excitement and creates a calmer, more correct working atmosphere. It will be much more boring for gamblers here than in a stormy live session.

Professional performance in a prematch also contributes to correct betting. The margin in the prematch is lower, the limits are higher, and the odds are better and more stable. In large markets (bigmarkets), which we discussed recently, pre-match outcomes are the most stable. You can not only bet on them yourself, but also allow a whole group of your subscribers to bet on yourself, without fear of a failure of the odds.

Prematch bets take a lot of time, because there is no way to focus on the live picture of the broadcast, only on numbers and facts to be learned. Sometimes the pre-match analysis of an event takes several hours, but you can bet more on such a thought-out outcome.

In a prematch, the bettor plays against a well-trained analytical department of the bookmaker, so it is more difficult to find valuable outcomes here. But they are still there, and high limits and low margins allow you to earn in a prematch with much greater efficiency.

What to choose, live or prematch?

As you may have guessed, these are two very different areas of betting in terms of their qualities and properties. Some experienced prematch bettors literally start pouring in live. And experienced livers become less effective in the prematch.


The choice of a niche depends on many factors - the bettor's temperament, his level of emotional control, bankroll, and the time he is willing to devote to betting. As well as the number of bets that he is comfortable making over a certain period of time, that is, the preferred speed of the game.


Ideally, you should try both, and then choose whichever is more to your liking. And some may even manage to combine these two directions, which we will talk about in the final section of this article.

Simply put:

  1. Live betting is more suitable for entertainment, enjoyment and the release of emotions. They will help to while away an hour or two at a high level of adrenaline for those bettors who do not have a lot of time and bankroll for bets.

  1. Prematch bets are more about a working approach to betting. Thoughtful, painstaking work and fundamental analysis. It takes much more time, there are more serious bankrolls and money allocated for one outcome.

By the way, bookmakers also need different approaches for these approaches. To play prematch, you should pay attention to professional bookmakers Pinnacle or SBObet, where the lowest margin and the highest limits. Recreational offices with a wide list of live events, a large number of live instruments - quick bet, cashout, broadcasts, operational infographics, auto-acceptance of a coupon, and so on are more suitable for livers.

Is it realistic to succeed in both live and prematch?

In principle, it is real, but available to a very small percentage of players. There are universal personality types that quickly switch from one task to the opposite and vice versa. And they feel very good in both directions.

There are also ways to effectively combine live and prematch bets. One of them is forking live prematch. We have already talked in detail about arbs more than once, so we will not repeat ourselves too much, it is better to read our other materials from the “Articles” section.


The main point of such arbs is to place a pre-match bet on an increased value odds and wait for live. With due experience and the correct selection of matches, in live there will be an opportunity to start the first outcome, and make a profit in any development of events.


Another good example of combining these approaches is analyzing the game in a prematch, and making a bet as the game progresses. This allows you to outline interesting outcomes in advance, to outline the boundaries of the quotes corridors, which will be profitable to play. And then, in the course of the game, the bettor simply controls everything and makes the necessary bets. Either abandons the idea when things don't go as planned.