Badminton betting strategies


Everything about betting on badminton - what kind of sport it is, how it is played, how points are counted. What lines are offered by bookmakers for badminton, what bets are most in demand. Where and how to bet on badminton - strategies and tactics, working approaches. All this is in our today's material.

What is badminton

Badminton is a sports game that uses rackets and a special projectile - a shuttlecock. The essence of the game is to use a racket to transfer the shuttlecock to the opponent's side through a net stretched at a height of 155 centimeters. And at the same time, prevent it from falling on your side of the playground. The badminton court is rectangular in shape, its dimensions are 1340 by 518 centimeters.

Surely many people have known this game since childhood, it is simple and uncomplicated, but it has been known for a very long time. Similar games were common as early as the middle of the nineteenth century. At the end of the 19th century, the Badminton Federation of England was formed, which established the basic rules of the game. Since 1934, there has been a World Badminton Federation (BWF), and since 1992, badminton has been included in the Olympic sports and has been played at the Summer Olympic Games.

Match structure in badminton

This sport is structurally similar to volleyball, beach volleyball and table tennis. The game is divided into games, each of which is played up to 21 points scored. If the score is equal at 20:20, the opponents play until a two-point margin, or up to 30 points scored. The match goes to victory in two such games, so there are only four possible game scores: 2:0, 2:1, 1:2 and 0:2. For men, there is a format to win in three games, but this rarely happens.

Each point draw begins with the player's serve and ends with the shuttlecock falling on one of the sides of the site or in touch, or with a foul. It is a foul if the shuttlecock hits the net when serving, as well as touching the net / shuttlecock with the body or clothing. The next rally is started by the athlete who won the previous point. It is required to serve strictly from a special service zone, outlined by lines, and strictly in a field located diagonally from the server.

The game of badminton can be singles (two players against each other) or doubles (pair-to-pair game). In doubles, the court is almost a meter wider and the rules are slightly different. In particular, only the player who is diagonally from the server should hit the first serve. If the serve is won, the same player continues to serve, but from another service zone.

Tournaments and rating system in badminton

Competitive badminton has its own rating system, very similar to tennis. The same tournaments are held every year, having different levels of prestige, and giving a different number of rating points and prize money.

The most prestigious and expensive rating tournaments are organized by the World Badminton Federation. In them, you can get from 60 to 12000 rating points, depending on the progress through the stages. In second place are the World Super Series tournaments, followed by the World Grand Prix Golden Series Tournament. A little less points can be earned at the stages of the World and European Cups, and various challengers and futures related to them.

All tournaments are held in different countries, and one country is allowed to hold no more than one stage of the World Cup and Europe per year. The remaining tournaments have the status of commercial or amateur competitions, and rating points are not awarded for them. However, they are almost never found in betting lines.

You can get acquainted with the current rating of badminton players on the official website of the federation. For more than a decade, it has been dominated by athletes from Asian countries - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand. Also in the TOP for men there are many badminton players from Denmark and India. In women's badminton, a similar situation is dominated by Asian athletes.

Badminton and sports betting

Badminton is not a popular discipline for sports betting among bettors, but still some bookmakers include it in their lines. As a rule, this sport is offered only at the largest tournaments and with a minimum painting. It usually includes bets on:

  1. Outcome of the match (win);
  2. Handicap (points);
  3. Handicap (game);
  4. Total points and games;
  5. Accurate score by games;
  6. First game/match;
  7. Even/Odd.

The best Russian bookmakers for betting on badminton are BC 1X Stavka, Melbet, Betcity and Bet365. You can meet this sport in the lines of BC "Marathonbet", "Pari Match", "Olympbet", Winline. These bookmakers offer at least something, in other offices it is difficult to find bets even on matches of major competitions.

The margin on badminton is impressive - an average of 5-8% even on the main line. Limits also leave much to be desired, on average, bookmakers offer about 30-50 dollars per outcome in the main line for a match of major competitions.

Badminton betting, strategies and tips

Live bets, surebets, middles

Badminton is a very dynamic sport, the situation on the court often changes dramatically in a few minutes. Therefore, it is great for live betting, just like table tennis, to which badminton is very similar in speed and dynamics. Here, very often and easily, you can catch fat surebets and even ideal middles, in which with a high probability you can win on two sides of the bet at once.

For example, approximately equal opponents play, bookmakers give pre-match odds for them 1.7 to 2.2. If you bet on the pre-match victory of the underdog, then very often you can wait for the situation when the odds for the nominal favorite increase, and his victory will go above two. To do this, it will be enough for him to miss about five points, which happens regularly in badminton.

And if you catch good moments and take a bet H2(+6.5) and H1(-2.5) with odds from 1.8 (the more, the better, of course), you will get an excellent corridor. If you hit it (the victory of the first badminton player with a difference of three to six points), you can get a win on both sides of the bet.

In general, a player who has mastered the mechanics of forks and middles will definitely like badminton and is suitable for making a bet. It remains only to slightly tighten the knowledge about the sport itself.

How to analyze badminton?

Of great importance in this sport is the level of the tournament. Here everything is the same as in tennis - if a famous player came to an insignificant tournament, then there is a very high chance that he will simply train here, without clinging to a high result. If an athlete has made it to a tournament of a high level for himself, then he will give all his best to 200% of his abilities.

Also, each badminton player has his favorite and least favorite tournaments, increased motivation to play in competitions in his native country and city. You also need to pay attention to how the athlete performed at the tournament last year. If he has gone far, then he needs to defend the rating points so as not to get a reduction in the lists of the best.


It is best to play the most top tournaments, avoid youth and qualifying competitions. The exception is if a strong badminton player performs at a low-ranking tournament, you can catch his defeat for a luxurious odds. At the TOP tournaments, no one will merge, where everyone needs a victory, the minimum number of muddy and fixed matches.


The age of the athletes, the schedule of their flights, acclimatization and time zones, what kind of match it is over the past couple of weeks, the history of personal meetings of badminton players are also of considerable importance.

To analyze the match even deeper, you will have to look for statistics. And not only performance statistics available on or on the same flashscore, but also game statistics. It can be found, for example, at Even in the matches of the most unpopular tournaments, you can find a lot of interesting things there, on which you can build your game strategy. For example, the number of points won on the serve and return, the maximum lead in the score, the number of points won in a row, and so on.

And, of course, it is very important to love this sport and watch badminton a lot. Nowadays, there are no problems with video broadcasts, they are everywhere - on the websites of bookmakers, on pirated hosting, in paid access.

Watch as many matches as you can, learn how the leading badminton players play, and over time you will realize that you have learned to determine the odds (and bet) even better than the bookmakers. They don't put much emphasis on the sport in their lines, and often gift supervalues ​​out of the blue.

Strategies and tactics for betting on badminton

  1. In this sport, more often than in tennis, the exact score is 2:0 (or handicap (-1.5) in games). If the opponents are not comparable in level, then with a high degree of probability the favorite will win with a handicap (-1.5) and will not drag out the match until the decisive game. Although, of course, such matches are not worth betting on everything. You need to get acquainted with the current form of the players, with their latest results and game statistics, evaluate the motivation, and choose the appropriate coefficient.
  2. Another fairly clear trend in badminton betting is the race to 5 or 10 points. It is most often won by the favorite of the match. In matches with a clear favorite, the odds for his victory in the match and game will be greatly underestimated. And his victory in the race up to 5 or 10 points will go for a more tasty coefficient, and with a good probability. The only negative here is that bookmakers rarely offer bets on such markets, and the limits there are simply ridiculous.
  3. In matches of approximately equal opponents or pairs (where there is no clear favorite), it is appropriate to catch a live victory in the drawing of the host team / player. In badminton, the serve is not as significant as in tennis, and players often exchange mini-breaks. At the same time, the coefficient on the receiving underdog is most often higher than two, which can be used.
  4. Of course, in badminton, the strategy of deviation from the average values ​​per match works very well. For example, if an underdog suddenly took the lead, then the best option for betting is the handicap of the favorite, which is offered now. If the match was given a total of 71.5, and in the first game the athletes scored only 28 points, then it is logical to bet on over 60 points, which is offered now.

Etc. If you notice that the match is developing differently than the bookmakers expected in the pre-match, then it makes sense to bet on a return to the average expected numbers. The main thing is that for this there is still a sufficient segment of the match. Any market is suitable for betting – handicap, total, individual total, and so on. It will not always pass, but with a fairly high probability your bet will play.