Football betting - how and where to bet


Football is the most popular sport in the world, both in terms of viewing and in terms of bets on it. Even the smallest bookmakers give the maximum painting on football matches and try to maintain high rates for betors.

Pluses of betting on football games

  • Low margin. Due to the high competing of the margin on top markets begins from 1.5%.
  • Video broadcast. There are almost any event, even on the conditional third Bundesliga.
  • A huge selection of events with the deepest painting. On top matches, painting can reach 1,500 outcomes!
  • Large betting limits - up to several million rubles!
  • Hundreds of experts of different levels today offer forecasts for football matches. No difficulty with finding quality analytics.
  • There is everything you need in order to make your own forecasts. Large-scale statistical services and data arrays for most leagues are available to everyone.

Minus, perhaps, only one: the main line of large and medium-sized events is very accurate and difficult to make truly wound rates. Bookmakers pay football the bulk of their efforts and beat these markets is hard.

On the other hand, you can try happiness on MIDDLARETS - on the markets of angular and yellow cards make predictions much easier, and the limits and margin remain quite attractive there.

Best BC for Football Bar

Among the Russian office, several bookmakers are distinguished:

  • Parimatch;
  • Melbet;
  • 1 Square;
  • Phonbet;
  • Winline.

In fact, it is easier to list those who have so-so poker. In this list, it is possible to make a "GGBET", specializing in cybersport. The rest is 8+ on a ten-ball scale.

How to make football rates

Do not spray everything, choose one or two leagues and closely follow them. See games and track everything, up to social networks athletes and coaches. Learn analytics and forecasts. Only so you can get an advantage over the bookmaker.

By compiling predictions on a football match, consider as much factors as possible: the weather, the arbitrators brigade, injuries, transfers and disqualifications, the current form of team and individual players, motivation and tournament position, fatigue, personal meetings against the current opponent. The more factors are taken into account, the more accurate forecasts will be obtained.

Do not chase at high coefficients: the maximum margin is most often laid in the markets of accurate accounts and mixed outcomes. The best coefficients are offered on the main line: outcomes, odes, total.