Which bookmakers have a tote


Let's talk about the sweepstakes - a gambling game that has close family ties with sports betting, lotteries and express systems. What is it in general, why tote (toto) is no longer offered by legal Russian bookmakers, in which bookmaker offices it can still be found, and how to play this exciting game.

What is a tote?

The concept of tote appeared even earlier than bookmakers and bookmakers. The first toto opened in the middle of the 19th century. Then, when the most popular sports now did not even exist - football, tennis, basketball, hockey in a familiar and structured form. The main entertainment of the gaming public in those days was horse racing, and it was with them that sweepstakes worked.


In general, the word "tote" at that time had several meanings at once. It denoted both the office that accepts bets on the races, and the individual bet on a particular horse, and the total number of bets on a particular position in the race.


After a couple of decades of prosperity, sweepstakes were almost universally banned, and it was at this time that the first bookmakers appeared. They found a way to get around the law by accepting horse betting at fixed prices, which later became our usual odds.

Modern sweepstakes have little association with horse racing. Most often, bets are accepted on football matches, but there are also hockey, tennis, basketball totos. Sweepstakes differ both in the number of events in the draw and in the required minimum of predicted outcomes. You can guess not only the outcomes, but also the exact score, outcome + total and other options. There are still sweepstakes for horse racing, and they are especially popular in Britain.

The essence of the game of toto

The main point of the sweepstakes is to guess as many outcomes of events from the proposed circulation as possible. The winning in the sweepstakes is not fixed. The more outcomes of the event are guessed, the more impressive the winnings can be obtained, and if you guess all the outcomes, then you can claim the jackpot - a special cumulative prize.

Let's consider the essence using the example of the most popular sweepstakes on football - "Fifteen".

A draw of 15 football matches is offered daily. The most diverse events are selected - from the most popular championships to the lower leagues of not the most football countries. It is proposed to guess the outcomes of matches in the 1-X-2 format.

The minimum payouts start with nine guessed outcomes for the matches, but the main task is to guess all of them. In this case, the player will receive a prize for each of the winnings distribution sectors: nine guessed selections, ten guessed selections, eleven, and so on.

All bets collected for a separate draw make up a toto pool - the total winnings. Those who guessed 9 outcomes share 32% of this money among themselves. Those who guessed 10 selections get a share for 9 selections and an additional prize - a fraction of 18% of the pool for 10 selections. For 11 guessed outcomes, players will receive three different prizes, and those who guessed all the outcomes will receive all seven prizes (from 9 to 15 guessed outcomes of the event). And besides, there is also a part of the jackpot - a super prize that accumulates from losing draws.

You also need to take into account that the payout is calculated in accordance with the player's contribution to the general pool. Of course, if the only player guesses 15 outcomes, then he alone will receive a prize for 15 guessed outcomes and a jackpot, even if he bet only 100 rubles. But he will share the prizes for 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 guessed outcomes with other players in proportion to the money wagered on the draw.

In general, winning a jackpot with a small amount is a super rare thing. But this happens sometimes. For example, the Fonbet BC once accumulated a huge jackpot of more than 140 million rubles, and their client won it by betting only 50 rubles. And for one British player, the rate of £ 1.50 multiplied 555 thousand times.

The outcomes can be chosen randomly, based on the probabilities that the bookmakers put in the odds, or rely on the percentage of users who chose one or another outcome. In addition, you can select several outcomes for each match, it is even allowed to overlap all of them. But you need to understand that the number of combinations increases exponentially and if you mark too many choices, the amount of the bet will become very impressive.

What about sweepstakes in Russia?

Previously, the tote was an integral part of entertainment in the CIS bookmakers, but suddenly fell under the ban in October 2020. Almost all legal bookmakers were forced to remove it from their sites. Only Baltbet distinguished itself - they called the tote "super express", slightly changed the rules so as not to be banned, and left it in their program.

There was also such a project - Poolbet - the only legal tote in the Russian Federation. It was a full-fledged tote, tailored for this type of bet. But it existed for less than a year and also closed, including due to prohibitive laws.

However, if you are interested in this interesting type of bets, you can safely play on the tote in offshore bookmakers. Such an opportunity is provided, for example, by illegal in Russia clones of "1X Bet" (1XBet), "Marathon", "Zenitbet", "Melbet" and "Tennisi". Numerous foreign bookmakers also offer to play on the sweepstakes.


Sweepstakes is an exciting gambling game, but, unfortunately, players from Russia will not be able to play it legally. If you are satisfied with the version of this game (superexpress) available in Russia, then visit BC "Baltbet". If not, look for traditional types of bets on toto in offshore bookmakers.

Toto allows you to win a big jackpot, risking only a small amount, but you need a lot of luck. The disadvantages include the limited choice of sports events in the sweepstakes, as well as the fact that the winning amount is never known in advance.

In order not to rely only on luck, study the strategies of package betting for sweepstakes. Overlapping several outcomes of an event in controversial situations, it is much easier to achieve the desired mark of 15 guessed outcomes.