Tote and sports betting: the differences between them


It has long been no secret that sports betting is an opportunity for additional income. Yes, there are many people who actively criticize betting. Be that as it may, bookmakers and sweepstakes are becoming more and more popular. 

As often happens, a player who takes his first steps in the world of betting may not know commonplace things. For example, what is the difference between a tote and a bookmaker? This material will answer the question.

What is a tote? 

Not everyone knows, but at first there was a tote, and after it offices began to appear. It is known that the first bets were taken in ancient Rome. Rich people were allowed to do this. They bet on horse races or gladiatorial fights. 

In modern history, sweepstakes appeared in the middle of the 19th century in France. At first, they were associated exclusively with hippodromes and horse racing, where people randomly made bets with each other. Then Toto spread throughout Europe and many states began to fight this phenomenon. This is how bookmakers appeared - enterprising Englishmen found a loophole and introduced the concept of "odds", which allowed them to legally accept bets on any sport.

Today the tote can work online or offline. The point is that a specific amount is played, which is wagered on the outcome of the selected event. There are a number of participants who form a pool of money before the start of the event, on which the final win depends. After the end of the game, the pool is divided among the winners. A player whose bet did not "enter" earns nothing, even if his contribution to the pool was the largest. 

There are a number of recommendations that should be used in the sweepstakes to increase the chances of winning:

You should bet on several events at once. 

If you are ready for additional costs, you can make several lines. This is needed to be on the safe side. 

One of the main features of TOTO is that there is no concept of “outcome rate” here.

Varieties of sweepstakes 

An important point: sweepstakes are prohibited by Russian law, therefore they have been removed from all legal bookmakers, the player can only find them in international bookmakers. 

The most popular type of sweepstakes: "Fifteen ". Each of its draw is fifteen football matches from different leagues and championships. You need to guess the outcome (1X2) for each game. The first payouts in the "tag" begin with nine guessed results, but the largest payoff can be obtained if you hit all fifteen outcomes. Then you can count on a part of the jackpot - a special cumulative prize made up of previous draws, when the main prize was not raffled off.

Other popular types of sweepstakes: 

  • Correct score. As a rule, these are 5-8 football matches in which you need to guess the exact score. The first payout is available after two hits. 

  • Basketball. There are different variations - either indicate the outcome + total, or catch draws in regular time. In the first case, you need to guess from four outcomes, in the second, and one guessed outcome will bring some part of the pool. 

  • Hockey. There are only five hockey matches offered here and you need to guess the exact scores of the matches. Payout from two guessed accounts. 

There are also e-sports betting and other varieties. Tote is also sometimes called "super express". The essence is always the same: to guess the results of a large number of sporting events and receive payments for each combination of guessed results, starting with the minimum.

Features of bookmakers 

Bettor is invited to bet on a specific event. The coefficient for it is determined in advance. Each outcome of the game has its own coefficient. It can change depending on various circumstances. 

While playing in the bookmaker, a person has the opportunity to calculate in advance what his winnings will be if the bet is passed. To do this, you just need to multiply the bet amount by the coefficient. The better the bookmaker, the wider the line, respectively, the more options for betting. 

In addition, in the office you can make live bets. What they are is a topic for a separate article. However, it should be noted that with the help of live bets, the chances of winning are significantly increased.

Interesting to know: 

In the US, bookmakers and sweepstakes are banned in almost all states. The only exceptions are Nevada, Indian reservations and New Jersey. At the same time, according to statistics, American bettors spend about $ 360 billion on bets.


Both the bookmaker and the sweepstakes give you the opportunity to win serious money. The difference is that in offices, the coefficient will tell you the profit in advance. In TOTO, this is impossible, since the likely amount depends on a number of factors: the number of players, the accumulated jackpot and the pool amount. 

The sweepstakes and bookmakers allow you to choose different types of bets. But the bookmakers have a much wider list of possible options. It is noteworthy that exactly in bookmaker on such options as "who will take more corners" or "which team will send off", you can earn much more than on "W1" or "W2". 

If a person has a desire to test his luck in sports betting, then it is worth resorting to the services of a sweepstakes. If there is a desire to conduct a qualitative analysis of a specific event, and place bets on not quite standard outcomes, where the odds are known in advance, then the bookmaker will become the best choice. 

However, in the totalizator, you can also place bets relying on not just for luck. In any draw, you can choose a package rate and select several outcomes for each event. This will significantly increase the amount of the bet, but the chance of winning will also increase. In some cases, when a large pool is collected and an impressive jackpot has been accumulated, it makes sense to block almost all outcomes, except for the most unlikely ones. This will minimize the influence of the luck factor and almost guarantee a great win. 

In any case, in order to understand what a player likes best, he should try both TOTO and bookmakers. After that, you can draw the appropriate conclusions.