Bets on football: corners


Today we will discuss betting on corner kicks in football and everything related to them. Where to find convenient statistics on matches, in which bookmakers it is better to bet, What factors affect the number of corners in football, what specific strategies are there for betting on corners.

Corner betting in football


Corner is the standard position in football when a team serves the ball from a corner flag to the opponent's side. Appointed when the ball leaves the goal line from the players of the defending team.


Corner markets have been quite popular with bettors in recent years. At its core, statistical markets are small markets. They are much easier to beat than the main line of events. Bookmakers pay much less attention to them and there are relatively many values ​​there, especially in live. But in terms of limits and margins, the corner markets in the top soccer leagues have already approached the level of the middle markets.

In particular, in the picture we see that the ”Marafonbet” bookmaker offers an extensive list for corners with a limit of 12 thousand rubles for these markets. The margin is 5-6% (equiprobable odds of 1.89 to 1.89), which is more than acceptable for betting on match statistics. These rates also appear in professional bookmakers Pinnacle and SBObet, where the limits are even higher and the margin is lower. The odds in these markets are more stable than in other statistics.

Despite the fact that there are corner markets already in almost all bookmakers, the best bookmakers for betting on corner kicks are large bookmakers. Marathonbet, Parimatch, Fonbet, professional bookmakers, foreign giants William Hill, Unibet, Bet365 and so on. There you will find the broadest lineup for these markets, the availability of betting on corners even in minor championships, as well as more stable odds, minimum margins and decent bet limits.

Which markets related to corners can be bet in the BC:

  1. Outcome by corners (1-X-2);
  2. Double outcome by corners;
  3. Handicaps by corners;
  4. Total corners;
  5. Three-way totals and handicaps;
  6. Asian totals and handicaps;
  7. Individual corners totals;
  8. Even-odd corners.

Also, almost all bookmakers offer these outcomes in the context of the first and second halves. In some offices, there are more exotic markets: who will take the first or last corner, race to N corners, will there be a corner in a certain segment of the match, which half will have more corners, time-match outcomes, multi-corner, and so on.

These rates are calculated in the same way as rates on traditional markets. To win on corners, a team must serve more corners than an opponent. For a double outcome - more or the same. Three-way and Asian corner totals are calculated identically to goal totals, as well as handicaps. The rest of the markets, as a rule, are already self-explanatory by name.

Corner betting strategies in football

Corners are one of the main statistical actions in football, so a lot of statistics have been accumulated on them. There are corner ones on every statistical resource, including Russian-language services. The data can be found not only for the TOP leagues, but also for the second and third leagues of many countries. All this opens up a lot of scope for creating a strategy for betting on corners.

Using bare numbers, you can create many strategies for corners, but still the best application for such bets is live with an online broadcast of the match. Using the live picture, you can get the main information about the potential of the bet - the charge of the teams for the attack, the pressure and the desire to score. In a prematch, one can only hypothesize about this.

Three factors influence the overall picture of an already ongoing match in corners:

  1. Current score (goals in one direction or the other);
  2. Change of line-up (substitution);
  3. Deletions and yellow cards.

If the underdog scored an early goal, then most likely, he will go into defense, leaving the favorite to press on the goal and punch his totals in the corners. If the favorite quickly solved the problem and scored two goals, then it is most likely that the game will calm down and the teams will not get their corners.

If the coaching staff releases a clear increase in the attack - fast wingers on the flank, big forwards - then this is immediately increases the likelihood of total TB or ITB for this team. Whether they score or not is another question, but what they will actively try is a fact.

Removal is always a huge plus for the ITM of a team that is in the minority. Such a team most often gives up control of the ball to the opponents, minimizing the number of approaches to the opponent's goal. Warnings have an indirect effect here - firstly, warned players tend to play more reliably, simply by taking the ball wherever it goes. Secondly, the likelihood of removal increases, which affects the number of corners much more strongly.

An excellent resource for analyzing corner bets - 24score

There you can find more than information about the average number of corners across many leagues. On 24score, there is also statistics on breaking a certain total for each team, including in the context of home and away. And also a huge amount of other statistics on the most popular sports.

Also on you can find such “chess pieces” for each league. They clearly reflect the number and outcomes of corners in each match of the season. In general, in terms of the level of visibility and quality of the information provided, this resource has no equal. When watching a preview of a match, predictions very often come to mind by themselves.


The so-called crosses have a great influence on the number of corners - passes into the penalty area from the flanks. Each such transmission is a potential corner. Therefore, the more there are, the more likely the number of corners in the match. These statistics can be found at


Corner TB Betting

Corner kicks occur as a consequence of the attacking actions of the team. For betting on corner kicks, it is worth choosing teams with a good attack, especially those that are often used in attacking flank players. At the same time, teams with good defense and a good goalkeeper should play against them, because we do not need goals scored, but defensive kicks out of the endline.

The ideal alignment for TB in corners is a match between a clear favorite and an uncompromising underdog with good defense. The defending team will line up the “bus” and will often take the ball into touchdowns and over the endline.

The most "horse" tournaments in corners are the English Premier League, the championships of Scotland, Holland, Portugal, the Italian Serie A.

Corner bets on TM or ITM

For bets on TM, bad weather conditions and unsatisfactory lawn quality are relevant. In such matches, the game shifts to the center of the field and corners (like goals) become a rarity. Also, ITM often comes in corners against teams that tend to have a high percentage of ball possession.

Likewise, the match is affected by the lack of tournament and any other motivation of the opponents. Also TM in corners looks good in live, when one of the teams quickly completed its task for the game, for example, led 2: 0 or 3: 0 by the 20th minute)

The current ITM of the team that led in the account, because they will no longer be very eager to attack. At the same time, they can give the initiative to their rivals, and they can break through their ITB in corners, trying to recoup. This is especially true for matches of approximately equal teams.

The most popular championships are the Russian Premier League and the Spanish “Primera”. In the Champions League, there are often grassroots matches, and the entire tournament is slightly below average by European standards.

Bets on ITB and minus handicap in corners

Individual TBs and big handicaps are often pitted against teams. using the "bus" tactic. In such matches, the whole action, as a rule, takes place near the penalty area of ​​the defending team and corners sometimes follow one after the other. The overwhelming motivation of the team to win is also good for the ITB.

An ideal case for betting on a handicap or a big ITB is a losing favorite. This could be the second game of the two-legged European competition, in the first match of which the favorite did not get the desired result. Or maybe a bet during a regular match, in which the favorite loses one or two balls.

Optimally, if there are many tall players in the attacking team, such teams often deliberately provoke corners as the most favorable scoring situation.

Corner plus handicap bets

The favorite of the match most often wins in corners, sometimes even losing the match itself. But all this is taken into account in the bookmaker's lines and the advantage of the favorite is equalized by a plus handicap.

It is always appropriate to take a plus handicap in a match of approximately equal teams when they give plus at least two or more corners. Home underdog teams against big favorites are also a good option. In such games, as a rule, they roll out very decent handicaps in 4-6 corners, which can be difficult to break through.

Live tactics for corners during breaks

If there were abnormally few corners in the first half, this is a reason to bet on the current TB. If there is an abnormally high amount, go to the current TM. You can focus both on the pre-match totals of bookmakers and on the average performance of teams in this component of the game.

But you also need to take into account all the above recommendations and the overall picture of the match. If other factors point in the direction of the total more or less - feel free to bet.

Live tactics on TB in corners at the end of matches

This strategy can be used in the endings of games, after about 85 minutes of regular time. It's good if there were decent delays in the match and the referee has to compensate for a decent amount of minutes.

Bet on TB is appropriate when there is only one goal difference between the teams, and the inferior team really needs at least a draw. Ideally, if the original favorite of the match is inferior. Also, this strategy has application in a tie, where one of the teams only needs to win.


Corner bets are still a market underestimated by bettors. Bookmakers keep it much less high quality than the main line. In secondary competitions, you can generally observe a picture when totals and handicaps are set programmatically, according to the average performance of teams in this component of the game.

Of course, this generates a large number of value outcomes in the list. Given the above tips, such curved lines can be played very easily. And at the same time, get a good profit in money, because the limits on the corner markets are increased compared to the markets of other statistical indicators.