Total in tennis


All about totals in tennis betting. In tennis, there are a lot of numerical indicators, so there is a wide variety of totals in tennis bets. Let's consider all types of total bets, and also talk about basic betting strategies on totals.

Types of totals in tennis


First, let's remember what total is. It is a bet on whether the value of any numeric metrics will be above or below a certain number. The most common example of total is goals in a soccer match. To pass the TB (2.5) goals rate, three or more goals must be scored in the match. If the teams score 2, 1 or 0 goals, such a bet will lose. In tennis, everything is about the same, but there are some nuances.


Total by sets

The tennis match is divided into sets, each of which consists of games, and those, in turn, consist of points. Sets can be from two to five, depending on the rules of the tournament. Women's tennis is always played to victory in two sets, so there are only two possible options - two sets or three.

In almost every bookmaker, you can find a bet on TB and TM (2.5), as well as on the exact number of sets in a match, which, in principle, is the same. To pass a bet on TB (2.5), all three sets must be played in the match, to pass a bet on TM (2.5), one of the athletes must win with a score of 2: 0.

Men play tennis in most tournaments, too, before winning two sets. But there are exceptions. These are Grand Slam tournaments (Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, U.S. Open), as well as a number of other competitions. There men's tennis is held in the format until victory in three sets.

Accordingly, there are more options available - after all, there can be from three to five sets. You can put TM (3.5) on such matches, which corresponds to a dry victory of one of the tennis players in three games. A bet on TB (4.5) will be held only if one of the tennis players wins with a score of 3: 2. There can be no refunds in bets on total sets, only a win or a loss.

Total by games

Each set is divided into games. Both men and women play to win six games. But in the set the score is 5: 5 in games, then other options are possible. So, one of the athletes can close the set with a score of 7: 5 in games, or, in case of equality 6: 6, a tie-break is played - a decisive game according to the changed rules.

According to the rules of bookmakers, a tie-break is equated to a regular game ... Thus, the maximum number of gay men in the set is 13, with the score 7: 6 in favor of one of the athletes. The minimum number is 6, with a dry win 6: 0 of one of the tennis players.

Totals for games are offered separately in the bookmaker's list, and there are already many more options. In order for the bet on TB to pass (19.5), the losing tennis player needs to take at least eight gay players in two sets. Bettora will be satisfied with the score 2: 0 (6: 4; 6: 4) or higher, as well as almost any three-set match.

The average value of the number of games in men's matches is from 27 to 32. In women's matches it is from 25 to 30. These are the average values ​​for three-set fights.

When betting on TM (16.5), respectively, the bettor will lose when the score is 5: 5 in the first set. Indeed, in this set there will already be at least twelve, and in the next - at least six. Also, bookmakers often give bets on even or odd, that is, will the number of gay people be even (20, 22, 24, 26) or odd (19, 21, 23, 25).

returns. If the bettor bet on TB (19), and the match ended with exactly that amount (for example, 2: 0 (6: 4; 6: 3)), then the player will receive a refund.

Three-way total by games

And in a three-way total, there can be no return. Here you need to accurately determine whether the number of games will be more, less or equal to a given figure. There are very attractive odds on the choice of “equal”, because in fact, this is guessing the exact score of a tennis match. When betting on “over 19” on a three-way total, a minimum of 20 games is required to win. If there is only 19, then the bet will lose, there will be no return in this situation.

Total by games in the set

Also, many bookmakers give bets on the number of gay people in one separate set. As we already know, there can be from six to thirteen of them in a set.

A bet on TM (9.5) will win if the score is 6: 3 or less in favor of one of the tennis players. If both athletes get to the score 4: 4 in the set, then this bet will be lost. A bet on TB (10.5) games in a party will be held only if one of the tennis players wins with a score of 7: 5 or 7: 6. Also, in a separate set, you can also bet on odd or even by games.

Total points in a game

As a rule, this bet is found only in live. The score in tennis is up to four points scored per game. At the same time, they are considered very peculiar:

  1. The first point is 15,
  2. The second is 30,
  3. The third is 40,
  4. The fourth is victorious.

But if both tennis players gain three points (score 40:40), then the game is played until someone wins two points in a row. When a point is won on the score 40:40, the player gets an A (advantage) score. If he wins the next point, he wins the game. If he loses, the score returns to 40:40.

Thus, the minimum possible number of points in a game is four. There is no maximum limit, players can score several dozen points until one of them finally wins two draws in a row.

Individual player totals

Individual totals can also be offered according to a variety of indicators - sets, games, points won, statistics. The difference is that IT only applies to one of the players.

For example:

  1. IT1B (12.5) by games - the first player will take 13 or more games;
  2. IT2M (1.5) sets - the second player will take no more than one set;
  3. IT2B (4.5) breaks - the second player will make 5 or more breaks;
  4. IT1M (10.5) aces - the first player will hit no more than 10 times.

Most often, IT can still be found on the games won, and there is one interesting nuance. Usually bookmakers give the favorite IT games at around 12.5. And if the favorite player wins confidently in two sets, then he will not get the thirteenth game. Such a bet will be held only in a three-set match, or if a tie-break occurs in one of the sets.

At the same time, the favorite may even lose the match, but win the bet by total. This will happen, for example, when the score is 2: 1 (6: 7; 6: 3; 6: 4) in favor of the outsider. In general, you have to be more careful with games. Many novice players lose money because they equate handicaps and totals by games with the outcome of the match.

But in practice they are not related. The player can win the match, but give a small negative head start. Break through IT, but lose the match. Do not break through IT (12.5) games, but win a landslide victory.

Statistical totals

There are many different statistical indicators in tennis, and most of the bookmakers give bets on their totals, at least in major tournaments. Let's consider the main ones:

  1. Tie-breaks. These are the same “bonus” games in the set that are played when the score reaches 6: 6 in games. Accordingly, their minimum number is two, and the maximum is five, in five-set matches of major tournaments for men.

In live, you can also bet on the total points on a tiebreaker. The account is conducted there normally, in order. The athlete who first scored 7 points wins, but if the score is 6: 6, again, they play to a difference of two points. So the minimum is seven points (when the score is 7: 0), and the maximum is not limited. By the way, the record tiebreak at the moment is 70 points (36:34).

And the record fifth set, before the introduction of tie-breaks in them, was played to a score of 70:68 in games for three days.

  1. Setballs. Setball (or setpoint) is a situation when a player is separated from winning a set by only one point won. In theory, there can be an unlimited number of set points.

For example, the score is 5: 2 by game and the serving player is leading in the eighth game with a score of 40: 0. Accordingly, he has three set points. But the opponent can win them back, and even get set points himself a little later in the same game. Often, the fiercest struggle is tied up on set points, and players can fill dozens of set points around the 40:40 score in the game.

  1. Matchballs. Matchball (or matchpoint) is the same as setball, only for the entire match. That is, this is a situation when a player is one point won away from winning a match. Match balls in a match can also be from one to a very large number for the reasons described just above.

  1. Aces. Ace is a pass through that the opponent could not accept. Strong serving players are capable of hitting dozens of aces per match, especially on fast surfaces (grass, hard). There are usually much fewer aces on the ground.

  1. Breaks. A break is winning a game on an opponent's serve. Men with medium to strong serve rarely give up their serve. For women, this happens regularly, often the whole set consists of one lost innings. Therefore, women have much higher total break rates.

  1. Double faults. A double fault is recorded if a player cannot correctly serve twice in a row - he enters the net, out of touch, from the wrong place, or outside the service square. In this case, the point is credited to the opponent's account.

Bookmakers can offer other statistical total markets - unforced errors, winners, first-ball percentage, breakpoints realized or won back, and so on. But nevertheless, this is a great rarity, usually the list of even the largest tournaments is limited to the above examples.

Total betting strategies in tennis

To bet on statistical indicators, you need to understand the game very deeply and be in the subject for more than one year. Therefore, we will not consider them for now, but let's talk about the initial types - tennis totals by sets and by games.

TO strategy

Matches of men of approximately equal opponents with average or good serve are suitable for betting on the “top”. Ideally, you can also look at the athletes' game statistics in recent matches to see if they are doing well with their first goal hit rates and the percentage of points won on their (especially first) serve.

Often bet on TB 21 -23 games in such matches will take place even in a two-set match - just one tie-break and a tight second set (7: 5, 6: 4, sometimes even 6: 3). In three sets, TB will fly without any problems at all, despite the fact that the odds for this outcome will almost always be in the region of two or even higher.

Also, the strategy for TB is suitable for women's tennis. But here the athletes, on the contrary, have to serve badly and often lose their serve. It will not be a problem to select matches between such tennis players - more than half of the WTA tour is better played at the reception than at their own serve.

TL strategy

For a bottom bet, matches with a clear favorite are best suited. Both men's and women's matches will do, but pair and mixed matches are best avoided. The odds for the favorite to win should not exceed 1.25. It is very good if there is a big difference between the players in the ATP rating, optimally from 100 positions. The approximate mark of the total bet is TM (20), the odds for this outcome, as a rule, will be in the region of 1.7-1.9, but the main thing is that it should not be lower than 1.50.


The declared cross-country ability for this strategy is very high - up to 75%, if all conditions are adhered to. There are plenty of matching matches almost every day. And if you select the best odds using the BetMAX browser extension, you can reach amazing Yield indicators (ROI).


Strategy for individual totals

We have already mentioned betting on the IT favorite (12.5) games today. TB may not pass if the victory is too easy, so it is often more appropriate to bet on the favorite's ITM (12.5).

Match selection criteria for this strategy:

  1. The odds for the favorite to win are below 1.30;
  2. Convenient rival in head-to-head matches;
  3. Big difference in rating;
  4. The favorite's tendency to finish matches quickly.

The coefficient in such a situation will be close to two - equal chances minus the margin. If the odds are higher than two, then you should refrain from the bet and watch another match.

In the opposite situation - when the tennis players are approximately equal and have good serve - you can choose to bet on ITB (12.5) on someone who is considered small favorite, or even both. Often in such matches, opponents go into a tie-break and break the number 12.5 in two sets.

Arb for totals of sets in the match

To create such arbs, only men's matches at major tournaments are suitable, which are played to win in three sets. To play according to strategy, you need to select matches in which the coefficient on TM (3.5) is higher than two. In the prematch, we make a bet on TM in sets (in fact, on the exact score 3: 0 in favor of the favorite).

After the expected victory of the favorite in the first set, you can block the outcome with an opposite bet on TB (3.5) by sets. The odds for this outcome will also be higher than two, as a result of which we will receive a profit for any outcome of the match.

Strategies for total games in sets

  1. In the first set, it is appropriate to bet on TM (9.5) in live, with the score 2: 0 in favor of the favorite and his good mood for the game. The working odds in this case are about 1.50.

  1. A bet on TM in the second set will be justified in matches with a clear favorite, which the underdog imposed a fight on in the first set. If there were more than ten games in the first game, then feel free to bet the opposite outcome in the second set. Working ratios 1.60-1.90. The declared cross-country ability is under 70%.

  1. If the first set ended with a defeat in favor of the favorite with a score of 6: 0 or 6: 1, then in the second batch it is worth trying TB. With six games in the first set, you need to take TB (7.5), and with seven games - TB (8.5). Betting is best after the first game in favor of the favorite, when the coefficient grows to about 1.50.

  1. If the score is 4: 4 or 5: 5, you can risk bet on TM (10.5) or TM (12.5), respectively. Not every match is suitable, but only those in which there is a very tight fight up to a score of 40:40 in almost every game. It is necessary to select the matches of players whose serve is clearly not their strongest side. Ideally, if the tournament is held on a dirt surface. It is highly desirable that the players have already given their serves earlier in this match.


In general, bets on an even and an odd number of indicators are very random markets. In addition, there is a very high margin, so we do not recommend using them. But for a general understanding, we will tell you how the score is formed in tennis sets.

Much depends on who will serve first. If the outsider serves in the starting game, then the most likely total of the set is even. With one break from the favorite, the score will be 6: 4 or 7: 5, with two breaks - 6: 2. But it cannot be ruled out that the break will not work, then the set will come to a tie-break, and this is already odd. Or things can go completely different and the favorite will start giving games on its own serve.

If the favorite serves first, then odd is most likely. With one break, the score will be 6: 3, with two - 6: 1. It will also be odd with a potential tie-break and with an exchange of breaks in an approximately equal game. But if the favorite makes three breaks at once, then the set wins dry with an even total (6: 0).

The order of serving is determined by lot. Moreover, the one who won it chooses either the first serve or the side of the court, so the odds here are not even 50/50. In general, everything is complicated here, and it is better to avoid such bets.


The tennis totals markets are very diverse, giving a huge variability and space for creativity to the bettor. In addition, totals are numerical values ​​understandable to anyone, and not ephemeral probabilities of outcomes. Again, individual sports are always easier to predict than team sports. Hence, these markets are very popular among bettors.

But, despite the seeming simplicity of the above strategies, betting on tennis is a rather complicated business. Tennis is very dynamic and emotional. All pre-match layouts can go completely in the opposite direction due to banal nerves or extraneous experiences.

Ideally, you should combine a thorough pre-match analysis with watching a tennis match in live, this approach will increase the profit from betting on tennis. By the way, we analyzed the intricacies of the analysis of tennis in the prematch in another article.